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You can open an account with your smartphone in 10 minutes. Download the mobile bank mBank@Net and activate everything you need for your banking business. No need to visit a branch.

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Download mBank@Net and open an account anytime (24/7).

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Fast and digital

Open an account in 10 minutes
with your smartphone and mBank@Net.

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Nova KBM

Special offer

9 months of free fees
for new clients who open a:

Personal Plus account or
Komplet Bundle in mBank@Net.

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Open a Net account for 0,00 EUR in mBank@Net!


Choose your custom account or bundle

  Net account Student bank account Personal plus account Komplet bundle Premium bundle
Monthly fee 0,00 € 0,00 € 2,99 € 5,80 € 14,99 €
Special offers for new customers          
Open in mBank@Net 0,00 €  to issue a card   0,00 € 9 months 0,00 € 9 months  
Open in branch*       0,00 € 3 months 0,00 € 6 months
Visa cards with exclusive benefits          
Debit Visa Card         also authorized users
Prepaid Visa Card         also authorized users
Charge Card         also authorized users
Digital channels          
Bank@Net and mBank@Net          
mDenarnic@, Pay with Google Pay          
Transaction notification          
Security SMS         for all payment cards, also for authorized users
Cash withdrawals          
At Nova KBM and SKB Bank ATMs          
At ATMs of other banks in SLO and in countries with EUR**   5 withdrawals per month     worldwide
Basic overdraft   400 € 400 € 400 € 2.000 €
Additional overdraft without collateral       up to 8.500 € up to 10.000 €
Fee for UPN up to 50,000 EUR in the EU via (m)Bank@Net          
Flik - instant payment          
SEPA direct debit         
5 executed SDD per month
Standing orders          
Lower interest rate for consumer loans          
Lower interest rate for housing loans          
Brokerage and mutual funds          
Entry fee for investment funds       25% discount 50% discount
Managing a brokerage account          
Brokerage fee         30% discount
Property insurance       5% discount 5% discount
Lounge Key ****          
Access to airport lounges          

*The special offer for the Komplet Bundle is also valid in case of an opening at the post office. Contract post units are exempted.
Any fee of the ATM owner must be checked at the time of withdrawal.
*** Upon fulfillment of the bank's conditions for approval of the limit or credit. When you take out a consumer loan in the amount of at least 5,000 EUR for 36 months within 1 year from the start of the Komplet Bundle, managing the bundle is only 2.99 EUR for 1 year.
*** If you meet the bank's conditions for an emergency limit or credit.

**** For Premium debit card holder and one guest free of charge or according to conditions of selected airport lounge.


Nova KBM
10 minutes to a new account

Hurry up! From now on, you can open a personal account anytime in the day, even during weekends and holidays (24/7).

All you need is a smartphone and mBank@Net. Fast and digital. 
Join the most accessible bank in Slovenia. Simply:

Nova KBM
download mBank@Net and follow the steps,
Nova KBM
enter the necessary information,
Nova KBM complete an electronic identification,
Nova KBM

That's it. Your account is open!

In a few days, you will receive your payment card to your address. When you open a Net account, the information of your virtual prepaid card will be visible in mBank@Net.

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