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Quick and easy access to information 24 hours a day.

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Automated services are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over voicemail at 080 17 70 or an online chat Niko:

  personal account balance,

  last 5 transactions in your personal account,

  loan balance.

Nova KBM

To use automated services, you only need the following:

your tax number and mobile number, which you previously gave to the bank


an online bank Bank@Net.

The authentication process is easy. An answering machine guides you through it. After successful authentication, the requested information will play automatically. Save the password you can create and use it for all our contact center services.

Nova KBM
Working time

every workday between 8 am and 7 pm

at 080 17 70


+386 2 229 2760 (for internacional calls).


Simple, safe, and fast. All information without a visit to a branch.


Nova KBM 

Other services

  change of daily limit on a Visa debit card
  change of daily limit in the online or mobile bank for the owner and authorized accounts
  blocking a lost or stolen card
  activation of security SMS
  activation of secure online purchases for a debit and charge card
  splitting the purchase into installments on a Visa charge card
  open of the Personal Plus account
  placing or removing a Visa debit card on/off the blacklist 
  blocking the online bank Bank@Net or the mobile bank mBank@Net
  acceptance and confirmation of the card complaints
  change your contact information (e-mail address and phone number)
  order a PIN for a debit or charge card
  activation or deactivation of E-Notification
  activation or deactivation of the FLIK instant payment
  changing your GDPR consent
  changing settings of transaction notifications.

*All the above services require authentication through IVR voicemail or video call.

Our professionally trained colleagues will help you right over the phone.

kontakti skrbnikov za podjetja

Did you know?

By calling the free phone number 080 17 70, existing customers can:

  • open Komplet Bundle
  • apply for a new Visa charge card
  • apply for a basic overdraft 
  • apply for a consumer loan
  • apply for card insurance, overdraft's owner life insurance, and loan's owner life insurance
  • apply for travel insurance.
nakupi na obroke visa plačilna kartica nove kbm

Installment payment

Split your purchases into installments. You just need our Visa charge card and security SMS.


potrošniški kredit izjemna ponudba brez stroškov odobritve

Consumer loan

With our consumer loan, you can borrow up to 30,000 EUR. Without hidden fees or costs.

paket komplet nova kbm odpri digitalno

Komplet bundle

Bundle up all the major banking services
at a great price.


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