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Premium banking is adapted to the financial needs of our more demanding customers. We have combined our best services in a premium quality package that ensures comfortable, safe and easy daily financial transactions.

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The best services are all in one place; support of a personal banker, even remotely, and more affordable other services.


Your personal banker

Nova KBM Doing business with the help of a personal banker in separate offices, remotely, or at the location of your choice.
Nova KBM Pre-arranged appointments, no queues.
Nova KBM A personal banker is available for you on his mobile number and e-mail address every weekday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
Nova KBM Support in financial planning, monitoring, and achieving your financial goals.


Remote services

Nova KBM Fast and easy remote transactions with your personal banker.
Nova KBM Use of the best online bank Bank@Net and mobile bank mBank@Net.
Nova KBM Easy investing in mutual funds and buying or selling on stock markets.

Premium personal account with exclusive service bundle

Nova KBM Visa Premium Debit Card, Visa Gold Charge Card, and Visa Prepaid Card.
Nova KBM Free withdrawals with a Visa debit card at Nova KBM ATMs and ATMs of other banks in Slovenia and worldwide*.
Nova KBM SMS notification of transactions on your personal account and your card transactions.
Nova KBM An unlimited number of SEPA direct debits and non-urgent payment orders in the online and mobile bank for payments in EUR in the EU.
Nova KBM Mobile wallet mDenarnic@ and FLIK (for sending and receiving money from your friends for free).

* Any fee of the owner of the ATM must be checked when making the withdrawal.

More affordable other services

Nova KBM Lower interest rates for consumer and housing loans.
Nova KBM 50% lower costs of approving housing loans compared to the bank's regular offer.
Nova KBM 50% lower entry costs or distribution fees for mutual funds Sava Infond, Raiffeisen Capital Management, and Triglav Skladi.
Nova KBM Yearly maintenance of a trading account without payment of compensation.
Nova KBM 30% discount on Nova KBM's brokerage fee when trading financial instruments.
Nova KBM Conversation with an expert about the possibilities of investing in financial instruments (2 hours per year).
Safe boxes
Nova KBM Lower rent when renting a safe box.
Nova KBM Most suitable solutions with the help of our experts for property, life, health, accident, and travel insurance.

See for yourself

Sign up for a 6-month free Premium bundle trial and see for yourself that Premium is an excellent solution for you and your financial wealth.

Nova KBM

The Premium bundle is a simple, convenient, and secure banking solution for 14.99 EUR per month. 


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