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Free cash withdrawals at over 4,700* OTP ATMs in ten countries for customers of Nova KBM and SKB banka
From now on, customers of Nova KBM and SKB banka, both members of the OTP Group, can use their Visa personal debit card to withdraw cash completely free of charge also at the ATMs of the members of the OTP Group in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania and Moldova. The possibility of free cash withdrawals in already ten countries increases the competitive advantage for both banks and brings significant added value and benefit to our customers.
Working together as a group, we can work better - also for charitable purposes
Nova KBM and SKB Bank, under the umbrella of the OTP Group, are already in the process of merging, demonstrating that they will continue to support a broader social environment that promotes charity, sustainability, and volunteering as one bank. The OTP Group, which includes Nova KBM and SKB banka in Slovenia, will donate a total of 2,2 million euros to those in need. In addition to Nova KBM and SKB banka, the funds will also be contributed by the parent company, Hungarian OTP bank.
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