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By determining your goals and the period in which you want to achieve these goals, choose the return that suits your investor profile and calculate how much you can save with mutual funds based on the selected criteria.

A tool for informative calculation of the profitability of investments in mutual funds.
The display is for informational purposes only - the profitability presented in the selected period is not promised. Nova KBM does not assume any responsibility based on the informative calculation in question, nor is it responsible for any errors and deviations in the calculation. SAVED VALUE is based on an arbitrarily chosen value of the funds paid in, the saving period, entry costs, and arbitrarily chosen return of the investor, but does not reflect the actual historical return of any fund. ANNUAL OR MONTHLY PAYOUTS are based on an arbitrarily selected saved value, time, and frequency of payout, arbitrarily selected projected annual return, but do not reflect the actual past return of any fund and the way funds are used.

The information provided on this website is not an advertising message and does not constitute an investment recommendation or investment advisory services, nor does it constitute an offer or invitation to buy or sell units of investment coupons of mutual funds or any securities, financial investments, and investment groups, but are merely of an informative nature and present brief information on the essential characteristics of the fund, securities markets or of individual securities.

Detailed and binding information about the funds is provided and available only in the following documents: Key information for investors, a Prospectus with included management rules, and the last audited annual and half-yearly report of the fund, which are available on this website. Calculations of historical returns or changes in VEP are based on data on the value of the property unit. Entry and exit costs reduce the displayed return. The past performance of an investment is not an indicator of its future performance. If the selected dates fall on non-working days, the value of the property unit on the last valid accounting day is displayed or taken into account.

The company is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, liabilities, and/or loss arising or arising as a result of a decision based on the subject information material.

The company also does not assume responsibility for incorrect or incomplete data and/or information in the contents of the website, except in the case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the company or its representatives; the latter is judged according to the standard of care of a good professional.

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