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The Nova KBM Group consists of in 5 members. Nova KBM is the parent company of the Nova KBM Group.


The Nova KBM Group consists of 3 members. Nova KBM is the parent company of the Nova KBM Group.

Aleja Finance d.o.o.
Beograjska ulica 4 
1000 Ljubljana


00386 1 729 5210

Aleja finance d.o.o. is 100% owned by Nova KBM d.d. and is one of the leading factoring and receivable financing companies in Slovenia. The company employs a team of experts who continuously upgrade their professional skills and rich experience in receivable financing and collection and factoring. The mission of Aleja finance d.o.o. is flawless quality. The company offers clients a professional approach and cooperation, which is based on case-by-case treatment, professionalism, and trust. With its broad range of services, the company allows clients to access liquid financing tied up in past due and outstanding receivables on buyers and purchase financing (supply chain factoring).

Flajšmanova 3
1000 Ljubljana

00386 1 548 33 60
00386 1 548 33 89

Summit Leasing Slovenija doo is 100% owned by Nova KBM dd. The main activity of the company is financing the purchase of personal and light commercial vehicles to end customers and financing stocks, test and replacement vehicles for car dealers. With the new owner, the company also decided to expand into other segments that cover the financing of heavy goods vehicles, buses, vessels, trailers, agricultural and construction machinery and other types of equipment. The product portfolio includes: financial leasing, operating leasing and credit. In addition, the company also offers a consumer- loans and insurance policies for compulsory and casco insurance. Summit Leasing Slovenia welcomes the realization of the plans and wishes of its partners and clients with creative financial re- flexibility, motivation for work, optimism and launch; However, it provides the employees with a working environment in which they can develop and demonstrate.
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