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Investments in mutual funds enable the achievement of potentially higher returns than with conventional savings products. In Nova KBM, you can access a wide range of KBM Infond, Raiffeisen Capital Management and BNP Paribas funds.

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Take advantage of investments in Sava Infond, Triglav Skladi, and Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) mutual funds, which allow you to achieve higher returns, making it easier to achieve your financial plans. Find the right investment goal with us!

Now do business with mutual funds also in Bank@Net or mBank@Net.
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Before making any investment decision, acquaint yourself with the Key Documents, which can be found at the link for each individual fund.


Monitor the value of the funds' units on a daily basis:


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The online bank Bank@Net and mobile bank mBanka@Net now also enable easy transactions with Sava Infond and Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) mutual funds.

For Triglav Funds, the online and mobile bank currently offers an overview of the balance and the purchase of existing funds.

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Investment guide

Check the investment guide and choose wisely. Detailed understanding of mutual funds and related conditions and costs is our priority.






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What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund represents the funds of investors, which are carefully invested in various securities in the management company (DZU).
  • shares,
  • bonds and
  • other financial instruments
  • from different world regions and industries.

The mutual fund's management rules define the fund's investment policy, which determines which securities and in what proportions can make up the fund's portfolio.

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How to invest?

You invest in a mutual fund by buying units of the fund. The value of the unit of property (VEP) changes daily.

Monitor the value of fund units on our new website daily:



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Profit and payouts

Mutual funds are not a banking service and do not provide guaranteed returns. The movement of VEP largely depends on the state of the securities market.

Investing in mutual funds does not represent a tie-up of funds, as is typical of bank deposits, so you can request the withdrawal of all or part of the funds at any time. Also in Bank@Net or mBank@Net.


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How to transfer funds between funds?

Fund transfers between mutual funds:
  • of the umbrella fund SAVA INFOND is free and without immediate taxation. Capital gains are taxed only upon disbursement of funds from an individual fund to the investor's account.
  • Raiffeisen Capital Management (RCM) is very cost-effective.
  • of the umbrella fund TRIGLAV SKLADI is free and without immediate taxation. Capital gains are taxed only upon disbursement of funds from an individual fund to the investor's account.
You can make transfers between mutual funds Sava Infond and Raiffeisen Capital Management yourself in Bank@Net or mBank@Net.

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Do business with mutual funds and monitor your investments in the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank.

Download mBank@Net mobile bank here:

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In the branch

You can also visit us at the premises of the Investment Banking Department or the nearest bank branch.

We are the most accessible bank with the widest network, where you can provide various banking services throughout Slovenia.
You can use different payment methods to save or invest funds in mutual funds:
  • individual or one-time payments,
  • monthly payments (an option of concluding a permanent loan/direct debit),
  • a combination of both options (you pay the larger amount once, but you also enter into a monthly recurring/direct debit).

We do not charge a fee when paying into Infund's mutual funds with a payment order at Nova KBM branches.
To invest in mutual funds you need:
  • valid personal document (identity card, passport, or new driver's license),
  • tax number,
  • personal account number (we recommend an account with Nova KBM for faster transfer of funds).

After you have decided to invest funds in mutual funds, you start doing business by creating your investor profile and arranging the declaration of accession to the mutual fund. You can buy, sell and transfer assets between mutual funds in our branches, and now also in Bank@Net or mBank@Net.

In the online and mobile bank, you can easily do business with Sava Infond and Raiffeisen Capital Management mutual funds. For the time being, Triglav Funds are available to view and purchase existing mutual funds.
When investing in mutual funds, Nova KBM d.d. acts as an intermediary. An investment in a mutual fund is not the same as a bank deposit and is not included in the deposit guarantee system. When buying units of a mutual fund, the investor assumes the risk that when they are sold, he will get less than he invested in them.
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