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Premium banking catered to the financial needs of our more demanding customers. Best services combined in a premium bundle that ensures comfortable, safe, and easy daily financial transactions.

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Premium personal banking also includes a financial planning service. With the help of a personal banker and a team of experts in investments to mutual funds, stock brokerage, and insurance, you can build a plan adapted to your needs and wishes.

Individual financial planning based on your needs and goals

Financial planning is a process where your personal banker offers you support and it consists of the following steps:
1. Defining the client's financial goals.  
2. Determining priorities according to the wishes and needs of the client.  
3. Selecting the most suitable solutions with the help of our team of experts.  
4. Preparing a financial report with a plan to achieve the client's goals.  
5. Annual monitoring of the progress of achieving goals.  
6. Adapting goals according to the client's life situation.  
Financial planning is based on four pillars: investments and savings, additional pensions, financing, and insurance.
Nova KBM Planning takes place in accordance with financial rules, on the basis of which the most appropriate financial solutions are presented to the client.

Nova KBM The prepared plan requires regular annual monitoring of the client's goals, which are reviewed together at least once a year as part of a regular meeting.

Nova KBM If necessary, the plan is updated or adapted to possible new circumstances.

Nova KBM The date for preparing the financial report is coordinated with the personal banker.

What do you get from financial planning?

Nova KBM An all-in-one place comprehensive financial picture, which includes all assets and liabilities within the house bank.

Nova KBM An option of adding any assets and liabilities located outside this framework.

Nova KBM An option of creating a plan of monthly cash flows for the Premium customer and his family members.

Nova KBM Solutions adapted to your goals.


Investment solutions

Nova KBM Designing a wide range of investment options and investments according to the wishes and experience of the client.
Nova KBM Conversation with an investment expert (2 hours once a year).
Nova KBM An option of creating investment ideas.
Nova KBM The only bank in Slovenia that offers a choice between three management companies, both Slovenian and international. There are 62 different mutual funds offered. The largest selection of sustainable funds: 12 foreign and 2 domestic funds.
Nova KBM Designing an appropriate portfolio based on the objective, investment period, and profile of the investor in accordance with investment rules.
Nova KBM 50% entrance fees or distribution fee to mutual funds Sava Infond, Raiffeisen Capital Management, and Triglav Skladi.
Nova KBM The ability to buy and sell securities on the domestic securities market and on most global capital markets.
Nova KBM Yearly management of a trading account without payment of compensation.
Nova KBM 30% discount on Nova KBM's brokerage fee when trading financial instruments.*
Nova KBM Dealing with mutual funds and trading financial instruments, as well as monitoring the state of investments in one place in the Bank@Net online bank and the mBank@Net mobile bank.

* The discount does not apply to trading in the Bank@Net online bank and the mBank@Net mobile bank.

Insurances for all your needs

Nova KBM Finding the most suitable solutions with the help of our experts in the field of property, life, health, accident, and tourism insurance.

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The Premium bundle is a simple, convenient, and secure banking solution for 14.99 EUR per month. 


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