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mDenarnic@ is a mobile wallet for contactless payment with cards, with Flik, withdrawals and deposits at contactless ATMs, and storage of loyalty cards.

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mDenarnic@ is a mobile wallet that allows you to do fast, secure, and modern banking with your mobile phone.


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Instant payments and transfers with Flik 24/7 to friends or family members using your contact details. Even if they are customers of other banks.

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Contactless payments with Flik at some merchants.
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Storing loyalty cards in a mobile wallet.

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Confirmation of online purchases at points of sale, which replaces the confirmation of online purchases with an SMS token.

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It can be used by users of smart mobile devices with the Android operating system (versions 7.1 or higher) and NFC technology, and users of mobile devices with the iOS operating system (versions iOS 14 or higher). If your mobile phone does not have the operating systems listed above, click here to learn how you can confirm online card payments.
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Confirmation of online purchases paid by payment cards

Now it will be much easier, faster, and safer to confirm the online purchases you pay with payment cards - via push notifications within mDenarnic@.

If you want to confirm the online purchase, just open the received push notification on the mobile phone screen, check the payment information, and confirm the online payment in mDenarnic@.

If your mobile device does not have the above-mentioned operating systems, you can now confirm your online card payments in your Bank@Net online bank.

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FLIK - instant payments


You can use Flik in your mobile wallet to receive or transfer payments to friends or family members and for payments for purchases from certain merchants.


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Loyalty cards

You will never forget your loyalty cards at home, because you can keep them in the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet and thus relieve your physical wallet of plastic cards.

You can store loyalty cards in mDenarnic@ even if you are not a customer of the bank.


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Download the mobile wallet mDenarnic@

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and enjoy modern banking!



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Legislative changes in approval of online purchases


Due to legislative requirements, as of January 1, 2021, the confirmation of online purchases made with payment cards at merchants within the EU has been redirected to mDenarnic@, which has replaced confirmation with an SMS token.


Frequent questions and answers

Check out all the benefits and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Frequent questions and answers

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