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The best things are just like our Personal Plus account – simply, modern and accessible.

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The best things are just like the Personal Plus account – simply modern and accessible.

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Monthly maintenance fee:
2,99 EUR.

New clients who open an account in mBank@Net benefit from 9 months of free account maintenance.

Nova KBM

New clients can open an account in 10 minutes from the comfort of their own homes in mBank@Net. 

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How to open a Personal Plus Account?

1. Download mBank@Net  app and follow the steps.
2. Enter personal information and complete the video identification.
3. Select Personal Plus Account.


You can also open an account at:

  • any of the bank's branches,
  • specialised bank counters at selected post offices,
  • all post offices in Slovenia**.

Nova KBM
What do you need to use a Personal Plus Account?

Visa Debit card

Bank@Net or mBank@Net, which enables:

  • an overview of your account balance and activity,
  • making payments,
  • checking information about your cards (card number, validity, PIN, and CVV code).

mDenarnic@, which enables:

  • secure online purchases with your prepaid card (Android and iOS users).
Your Personal Plus account guarantees:
Nova KBM

When you pay with your Visa debit card, there are exclusive benefits with selected bank partners.
Nova KBM
 Nova KBM
Nova KBM

Basic authorized overdraft in the amount of 400 EUR.*
Nova KBM

Mobile wallet mDenarnic@, Google Pay and FLIK (to transfer and receive money from your friends for free).
Choose from the following optional services:
Nova KBM
Visa prepaid card and Visa charge card.

Nova KBM

Security SMS notifications for card-based transactions.
 Nova KBM

Notifications about transactions in your Personal Plus account.
Nova KBM

Service fees apply. See the price list.

Are you interested in Personal Plus Account? Signing up is easy.

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Download mBank@Net mobile bank and open a Personal Plus Account completely online in 10 minutes.

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At the branch

We are the most accessible bank with the widest network, where you can open a Personal Plus account and access various other services throughout Slovenia in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***

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To open a Personal Plus account you need:

Would you like to enter into a business relationship with Novo KBM? 

To open a personal account you need:

  • a valid photo ID (ID card, passport, Slovenian driving licence, other Slovenian identification document*),
  • Slovenian tax number.
* International Protection Card, Residence Permit,...

Additional documentation for opening a personal account for persons with foreign indicators:
Foreign nationals who live and work/are retired/are studying/are retired in Slovenia/are entitled to benefits from public funds must submit the following documents:

Slovenian or foreign nationals living in Slovenia, studying/working/retired abroad must submit the following documents:

Slovenian or foreign nationals living outside Slovenia, working/receiving a pension/going to school in Slovenia/owning property in Slovenia:

Individuals with a special status (such as refugees, migrants, applicants for subsidiary protection).

How the exchange works:
Visit our selected branch and open a personal account. A bank advisor will inform you:

  You will complete two authorisations. By doing so, you will authorise a Nova KBM employee to carry out on your behalf all the bank switching activities that you specify in the authorisation:

  Within two working days (D+2) of receiving your mandate, Nova KBM will request the old bank to carry out the tasks you have specified in the mandate.

  Within five working days (D+5) of receipt of the request from Nova KBM, the old bank shall provide the information in accordance with the customer's requirements expressed in the mandate.

  Within five working days (D+5) of receiving the information from the old bank, Nova KBM carries out the tasks as set out in the mandate.

Note: The process of switching banks must be completed within 12 working days at the latest, provided that all the conditions for closing the account in accordance with the old bank's general terms and conditions are met.

Personal Plus Account


Can't use online or mobile banking? You can still open a Personal Account at any branch, specialised bank counter or post office.

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osebni plačilni račun
*Subject to fulfilment of the Bank’s terms for the approval of an extraordinary overdraft or loan.
** Contract-based Post offices excluded.
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