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Every personal account holder receives it. It enables easy payment of goods and services and cashless disposal of own funds at home and abroad

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Enables easy cashless shopping, paying from home, abroad, or online.
Every personal account holder or his representative receives one.

In addition to convenience, paying with the Nova KBM Visa card also brings you many benefits.

Card benefits

Nova KBM

Free cash withdrawals at our wide network of ATMs.

Easy and worry-free shopping from home, abroad, or online, for which you settle the bill immediately from your personal account.

For withdrawals at ATMs in the EU, check the possible commission of the owner of the ATM before withdrawing.

Nova KBM

A Debit Visa card is an account identification card that enables you to access banking services in bank branches, at ATMs, and also at all Post Offices* in Slovenia.
*Contract-based Post offices excluded.


Nova KBM

For quick, secure, and convenient payments just tap your card against the POS terminal.

There is no swiping, inserting the card PIN, or signature required. 
In Slovenia, PIN entry is still required for purchases over 50 EUR.

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Nova KBM

Change your pin for free

You can change your card's personal number (PIN) for free at all Nova KBM ATMs to make it even easier to remember.
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Online shopping

With a Visa debit card, you can also easily pay online.

Receiving the PIN is simple

You can receive a new PIN number for your existing or newly ordered payment card in an SMS.

The next day after ordering, simply send an SMS with the following text to the number +386 30 400 405:

NKBMPIN customer's tax number last 4 card numbers (eg NKBMPIN 12345678 1234).

You will immediately receive your new PIN number on your phone.

If you have ordered a new PIN for your existing card, you must activate it before using it for the first time by selecting the option "Managing personal number/PIN" and then "Change personal number/PIN" at the nearest Nova KBM ATM.

In the exchange process, you first use a new PIN number, which you can then change to your choice or keep the one you received. With this, the new PIN number is activated and you can start using it immediately and the old one no longer works.

If you are a user of the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank, you can obtain your card information, including the PIN number, at any time through these applications.


Are you interested in a Debit Visa card? Signing up is easy.

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With just one call

Click on I am interested, submit your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.
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Download the mobile bank mBank@Net and in 10 minutes open a Personal Plus account or a Komplet package completely digitally.

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At the branch

We are the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***

Komplet bundle

Bundle up all the major banking services at a great price.
New customers can download the mBank@Net mobile bank and sign up for a Komplet bundle in 10 minutes, right from the comfort of their own homes.


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