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The best things are just like our Komplet bundle – simple, easy, and connected. All services you use daily in a single bundle and best value for the best price.

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The best things come bundled with great banking services. Komplet Bundle combines everything you need for important moments in your life, anywhere and anytime.

Find out about all the advantages of the Komplet Bundle and get it now.


Nova KBM

3 months free maintenance 
for new clients, if you get it
in branches or any post office in Slovenia.


Nova KBM

9 months free maintenance
for new clients, if you get it
via mBank@Net.


Nova KBM
Only 2,99 EUR per month in a bundle with a consumer loan*.



 Komplet Bundle gives you for the price 5,80 EUR per month complete benefits:

nova kbm

Exclusive benefits at selected bank partners when paying with a Visa debit card.

Nova KBM

Bank@Net online bank and mBank@Net mobile bank.
Nova KBM

5 executed SEPA direct debits per month and an unlimited number of standing orders.
nova kbm
An unlimited number of non-urgent payment orders in the online and mobile bank for payments up to EUR 50,000 in the EU
Nova KBM

Extraordinary overdraft on personal account up to EUR 8,500 without approval costs.
Nova KBM

A lower interest rate for housing loans compared to the bank's regular offer.
nova kbm
nova kbm

25 % lower entrance or distribution fee for one-time payments to mutual funds offered by the bank.
nova kbm
Security SMS notification for Visa debit card (for holder).
 Nova KBM

Personal account maintenance with a Visa debit card.
nova kbm
Notifications of transactions on your personal account with the Komplet Bundle.

nova kbm
Mobile wallet mDenarnic@ and FLIK.

Good opinions from our satisfied customers
Nova KBM            Nova KBM
»With the Komplet Bundle, I have an affordable solution for the comprehensive arrangement of my finances, as it offers me an excellent ratio between the services available to me and its price.«

Alenka M.

»With the services in the Komplet Bundle, I can perform all the most common banking services online. Managing my finances is uncomplicated, transparent, and secure

Bora K.


Are you interested in the Komplet Bundle? It's easy to get it.


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With just one call

Click on I am interested, submit your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.
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Not yet our client?

Download the mobile bank mBank@Net and in 10 minutes get the Komplet Bundle completely digitally.

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Do you already have a Nova KBM personal account?

You can take out the Komplet package from the comfort of your own home via online or mobile banking.
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At the branch

You can get Komplet Bundle at one of our branches. We are also the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select post offices,
  • all post offices in Slovenia.***

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Nova KBM

Consumer loan

Simple and easy-to-understand loan without approval fees. Get up to 40,000 EUR fast and easy.

If you take out a Skip loan, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Komplet Bundle for only 2.99 EUR a month. *


premium paket nova kbm osebno bančništvo

Premium bundle

If you are looking for even more benefits, have a look at our world-class bundle that includes all of our best services to make your banking and finance as convenient, safe, and simple as possible.


*Valid for the first 12 months (1 year) after taking out a cash loan. The loan needs to be at least 5,000 EUR, minimum 36-month repayment term, and taken out within 12 months of opening a Komplet Bundle.
**Subject to fulfilment of the Bank’s terms for the approval of an extraordinary overdraft or loan.

*** Contract-based Post offices excluded.
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Nova KBM Nova KBMNova KBMNova KBM