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With the Security SMS service, you have control over your payment card spending. Get an additional level of security and control over spending with payment cards.

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For customers who want to keep track of their spending and would like to benefit from an additional layer of card security to help verify their transactions.


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Highly secured card transactions and 
control over your spending.

You will receive a purchase alert when you make a payment at home, abroad, online, or when you withdraw cash at the ATM.*

In case of unauthorized use, you can take immediate action.


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Stay up-to-date

The message contains key information:

a description of the transaction, the date, the currency in which the transaction was carried out and the equivalent in EUR, the surcharge on the ECB reference rate***, the last four digits of your card, the amount, the place, the country, and the telephone number you can call if you suspect fraudulent use of your card. You are also notified of the free limit on the card.**


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Simple & user friendly

You can set up Security SMS for one or more cards.
Purchase alerts are free for the gold card.

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If the cardholder does not have the Security SMS activated, a message about the increase in the ECB exchange rate will be sent to the mobile number the bank has linked to the used payment card.
*These offline payments are exempt and you will not receive a security SMS message; e.g. payment of tolls on certain highways; smaller contactless payments.

**Only for Visa charge cards.

***Nova KBM uses Visa exchange rates for card transactions. You will receive information about the surcharge when performing payment transactions involving currency exchange in an EEA currency other than EUR.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

On April 19, 2021, the Regulation on Cross-Border Payments was implemented. Its purpose is to provide customers with easier comparisons of exchange rates based on which conversions are made by the bank issuing the payment card or the provider of instant currency at ATMs or points of sale in the European Economic Area (EEA).
Changes for customers

In the future, the bank will send payment card holders an SMS message with information related to the currency conversion, including the percentage markup on the last available ECB reference rate.

Nova KBM uses Visa exchange rates for card transactions. If you want to check the indicative exchange rates used by the bank for card transactions before making the transaction, you can do so at


SMS message

The holder of the card with which the transaction was made will receive an SMS message about the applied surcharge in case the transaction is converted at the exchange rate used by the card issuer.

The bank will not charge extra for this service.

If the Security SMS is not activated on the card, the message about the markup to the ECB reference rate will be sent to the mobile number the bank has linked to the used payment card.

If the Security SMS is activated for the card, the message about the surcharge to the ECB reference rate will be part of the received Security SMS.

If the bank does not have any mobile number associated with the foreign currency payment card, the cardholder will not receive any message.

Limitations of liability

The ECB euro exchange rate used to calculate the markup to the ECB reference rate may change daily. The ECB interest rate is used for reference only and is not the exchange rate used by the bank to convert bank card transactions. Visa exchange rates are used for conversion.

The Visa exchange rate used by the bank to convert currencies may change daily. You can view the latest course here.
Stop receiving Security SMS

The cardholder can unsubscribe from receiving SMS messages related to the exchange rate.

  • If the Security SMS is not activated on the card, messages will no longer be sent after logging out.
  • If the Security SMS is activated for the card, it will be turned off when you log out, which means you will no longer receive notifications about completed transactions.

If you would like to stop receiving information about foreign currencies, please contact us:

  • by visiting any of the Nova KBM branches or
  • by calling our Contact Center any time from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. on a free number 080 17 70.

All will be arranged within a week.

The European Economic Area

The regulation applies to certain debit and credit card transactions made in currencies outside the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA is an international agreement that connects the member states of the European Union and the three countries of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) to an internal market that enables the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital.

EEA countries that do not use the Euro are:





bolgarski lev



hrvaška kuna



češka krona



danska krona



madžarski forint



islandska krona



švicarski frank



norveška krona



poljski zlot



romunski lev



švedska krona


How to set up a Security SMS? It's easy.

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You can set up the Security SMS in the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank.

You can download the mBank@Net mobile bank here:

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At the branch

You can order a Security SMS in one of our branches. We are the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***
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