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Installment payment for anyone who wants to pay in installments easily, discreetly and cheaply.

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Split your purchases into installments. You just need our Visa charge card and Security SMS. You can split payments made in physical stores as well as online purchases, both at home and abroad, into installments.

In addition to convenience, paying with the Nova KBM Visa card also brings you many benefits.

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All you need:
Visa charge card and
Security SMS.

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For purchases*
from 50 EUR to 5,000 EUR.

Get up to 12 installments.**

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Activate Security SMS for installment payments.

It gives you an extra level of security.

Installment payment procedure

Nova KBM

Make the purchase like any other payment card purchase in a physical or online store. 

Nova KBM After you’ve made a purchase, you will receive a Security SMS (text message), and you have to reply within 1 hour. The reply needs to include the preferred number of installments.

For example, NovaKBM | number of installments | the code you received in the SMS: NovaKBM 2 35

Nova KBM The procedure is completed when you receive the reply (text message) confirming the purchase.

For example, Your order NovaKBM 2 35 has been accepted. Nova KBM

If you decide not to reply,  you will settle the purchase in a single amount just as with any regular deferred payment purchase.

Nova KBM If you haven't split the payment into installments within 60 minutes of making the purchase, you can split it into installments later in Bank@Net or mBank@Net - until the end of the billing period for the card.
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Buy now and pay in installments

"When you have to prepare for the heating season and plan expenses for the upcoming ski and holiday season, there are more purchases, and you don't want to be dipping too deep into your monthly budget. With a Visa charge card, you can postpone the 'headache' of all the expenses by dividing the payments over more months so that you can pay the installments without any problems," emphasizes Tilen Krtelj, manager of the Nova KBM branch in Izola.


Are you interested in installment payments? Signing up is easy.

Our clients can order a Visa card with deferred payment, which allows you to make purchases in installments.
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With just one call

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Contact us and we will help you find the best solution for you.
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You can also order a Visa charge card that also allows installment purchases in the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank.

You can download the mBank@Net mobile bank here:

nova kbm  nova kbm
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At the office

You can order a Visa charge card. We are the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***

*Purchase is defined as the purchase of goods and/or services. This does not include cash and quasi-cash transactions, these "quasi cash" transactions (using the card to purchase traveler's cheques, cryptocurrencies, foreign cash, lottery tickets, lottery tickets, game chips, credits, vouchers that can be exchanged for cash, payment of various bets, transfer funds, etc.).

*Individual installment fees are charged in accordance with the valid price list.

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