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E-notifications. You can view, print or save any of your statements and notifications. Only you can access your e-notifications by using your personal password. You can check your notifications anytime, anywhere.

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Safe access

Only you can access e-notifications by using your personal password.
You receive notifications by e-mail.

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Easy to use 24/7

You can check your notifications anytime, anywhere
No monthly fee.

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View notifications from the last 24 months

All e-notifications from the last 2 years are available in one place.
You can save them to your device.
Nova KBM
Our bank is economically efficient, environmentally conscious, and technologically advanced. That is why we offer our clients a chance to receive bank statements in an electronic form. Let us work together to save trees, energy, and water.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the security of e-notifications?
The bank ensures proper and safe use of notifications, both by using "CAPTCHA" (a combination of letters and numbers) and with a one-time password that you receive in an SMS and enter to access your notifications in the field provided for this purpose.
  • The password is valid for a few minutes.
  • After a certain period of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out of the eNotifications portal.
  • After entering the wrong password a few times, the eNotifications portal is locked.
What about authorizations for e-notifications?
The customer can only receive their own notifications. Receiving notifications from your children, partners, proxies, etc. is impossible.

Namely, the customer receives a password on his (confirmed) mobile number, which he enters when logging into the eNotifications portal.

It is a security limitation. Exceptions are not possible!
Lost or had your phone stolen?
If you lost or had your phone stolen, call your bank immediately. According to the established procedure, our administrators will block the use of the e-notification service and any other services (e.g. Bank@Net).
What do you need to use e-notifications?
The condition for using the e-notification service is a confirmed mobile phone number and e-mail address. Place your order here and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also place the order at the nearest branch or Pošta Slovenije.
Who are email notifications for?
For everyone who:

- do not use our online bank Bank@Net and have transactions with the bank
- want to be immediately informed about monthly statements and notifications by e-mail
- want access to statements and notifications anywhere and anytime
- want everything in one place
- are environmentally aware

From now on, everything digitally gathered in one place.

The service is primarily intended for customers of the bank over the age of 15 who do not use electronic banking and have transactions with the bank.
What should you do if you delete an email linked to the portal?
With a new notification, you will receive a link to the eNotifications portal again.
You can save the link in "bookmarks" or among the "favorites" in the browser. This way you will have it added to the set for quick access.

How to get e-notifications?


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Minimum Technical Requirements

For smooth operation, the following is supported for:

mBank@Net mobile bank: Bank@Net online bank and e-Notifications portal:
  • Android operating system version 8.0 and higher
  • iOS version 14.0 and higher
  • The last two main versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari)*.

*The main browser version is defined by the numbers before the comma (e.g. Chrome and Bank@Net and e-Notifications often also work on other browsers or on an older version of the previously mentioned browsers, but this is not guaranteed.

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