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Take advantage of the convenience of ATMs for more than just withdrawing cash and getting out of the line at the bank counter.

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Take advantage of ATMs for more than just withdrawing cash.

Nova KBM

A network of more than 400 ATMs all over Slovenia.


Do not overlook:

Free withdrawals and checking account balance at our bank's ATMs.
Nova KBM

At ATMs, you can: 
Pay universal payment order (UPN).
Deposit cash.
Print a mini statement.

Services available at our ATMs:

Nova KBM
Pay universal payment order (UPN).
  Nova KBM
Deposit cash.
Nova KBM
Print a mini statement.
Nova KBM
Check your account balance.
Nova KBMNova KBM
Activate the Security SMS.
Nova KBM
Change your personal card number (PIN) for payment cards.
  Nova KBM
Buy a prepaid mobile phone card.

* Which services you can perform at ATMs depends on the type of ATM. Not all Nova KBM ATMs support all services. Services are billed accordingly to the valid pricelist of the bank.

How to perform services at ATMs?

To perform services, first, insert a payment card into the ATM and then enter your personal identification number (PIN).
Pay UPN (Universal payment order)

  1. Select 'Payments and deposits' and then UPN.
  2. Agree with the terms and conditions.
  3. Insert a UPN into the payment order slot (face down).
  4. In case of quick payments of many UPNs: tear off the receipts (the small part of the UPN), align them, and insert them into the slot (with the front side down).
  5. Confirm or deny the total amount.
  6. If you have followed all the steps, the information on successful or unsuccessful payments will be displayed.
  7. The ATM prints a request to collect a payment order and a request to collect a receipt.
Cash deposit
Cash deposit
  1. Select 'Payments and deposits' and then 'Cash deposit'.
  2. Agree with the terms and conditions.
  3. Insert the banknotes into the slot (the ATM accepts all valid banknotes).
  4. Confirm the deposit by selecting the 'Deposit' option, reject the deposit by selecting 'Refund' or add cash by selecting 'Add'.
  5. Before confirming the deposit, you will be shown information about the total amount of deposited cash.
  6. The ATM prints a cash deposit receipt for you.
Print a mini statement
Mini statement

  1. Select 'Print transactions'.
  2. The ATM prints a 'Mini Statement' for you.
Check your account balance
Account balance
  1. Select the 'Account balance'.
  2. Choose if you want to get confirmation of the provided service.
  3. The ATM prints the account balance.
Buy a prepaid mobile phone card
Prepaid mobile phone card
  1. Select the GSM card service and then the operator (Telekom, A1,...).
  2. Choose the amount.
  3. The ATM prints a receipt with a GSM code.
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