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The prepaid Visa card is a prepaid card that you can use to make purchases at home, abroad, and online, and to withdraw cash from an ATM.

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It's intended for everyone who wants to shop safely and comfortably while having complete control over their spending. It's also suitable for those without regular inflows and non-clients.

In addition to convenience, paying with the Nova KBM Visa card also brings you many benefits.

Card benefits

Nova KBM

Enables security and control when paying online, at physical locations, at home, and abroad.

You pay with funds previously transferred on the card.

If the prepaid account is empty, you cannot pay with the card*.


Nova KBM

You can monitor the balance of your prepaid account in the Bank@Net online bank and the mBank@Net mobile bank, which you can get for free.

In the online and mobile bank, you can also check the PIN number and other card data that you need for payment.



Nova KBM

Download the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet for free and safely confirm online card payments.

Users of Android mobile devices can also add a Visa prepaid card to Google Wallet and use a mobile phone to do business at contactless POS terminals and ATMs.

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Nova KBM

Change your PIN for free

You can change your card's personal number (PIN) for free at all Nova KBM ATMs to make it even easier to remember.

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Contactless payment

For quick, secure, and convenient payments just tap your card against the POS terminal.

There is no swiping, inserting the card, PIN, or signature required. 

In Slovenia, PIN entry is still required for purchases over 50 EUR.

Places, where contactless payments can be made, are identified by the contactless sign.
The monthly limit for purchases is 2,000 EUR, and the monthly limit for cash withdrawals is 1,000 EUR.

How to top up a prepaid card?

The data you need to fill in is the IBAN number and the reference. Both details are listed on the back of the card.

Nova KBM

You can make a simple and free top up of your card in the Bank@Net online bank and the mBank@Net mobile bank.

Nova KBM

You simply enter the data from the back of the card on the UPN form, which you can pay wherever a UPN payment is possible, including at a bank branch or the nearest post office.

Receiving the PIN is simple

You can receive a new PIN number for your existing or newly ordered payment card in an SMS.

The next day after ordering, simply send an SMS with the following text to the number +386 30 400 405:

NKBMPIN customer's tax number last 4 card numbers (eg NKBMPIN 12345678 1234).

You will immediately receive your new PIN number on your phone.

If you have ordered a new PIN for your existing card, you must activate it before using it for the first time by selecting the option "Managing personal number/PIN" and then "Change personal number/PIN" at the nearest Nova KBM ATM.

In the exchange process, you first use a new PIN number, which you can then change to your choice or keep the one you received. With this, the new PIN number is activated and you can start using it immediately and the old one no longer works.

If you are a user of the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank, you can obtain your card information, including the PIN number, at any time through these applications.

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You can order a Visa prepaid card in the Bank@Net online bank or the mBank@Net mobile bank.

You can download the mBank@Net mobile bank here:

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At the branch

You can order a Visa prepaid card. We are also the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***
*If, on the debit day, there are not enough funds in the prepaid account to settle all transactions and obligations to the bank, the bank debits your linked transaction account. The bank authorizes transactions only within the available balance but does not influence transactions arising from the contractual relationship between the cardholder and the merchant.
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