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Android device users can now easily add their Nova KBM payment cards to Google Wallet.

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Add your Nova KBM payment card to the Google Wallet application and enter the world of secure, quick, and contactless payments using only your Android mobile device.
Nova KBM


Payments at a Point of Sale with an Android mobile device are contactless and done in the same ways as with Nova KBM’s physical cards.

Instead of tapping your card on the POS terminal, tap your mobile device.
Nova KBM

You can use Google Wallet to make contactless payments in most physical stores around the world.
The service is free of charge. 


Nova KBM

The Google Wallet app meets high-security standards.
Your card data is protected and is not transmitted to the merchant.
An activated phone locking feature is a precondition to use the service
Nova KBM

Available to users of mobile phones running the Android operating system. The device needs to meet software requirements and support s. c. Google Services and NFC technology (Near-Field Communication). An internet connection is required to use the service and the Google Wallet app needs to be set as the default payment app in your settings. 

Adding a card to the Google Wallet app is simple

It only takes a few steps:
Nova KBM Search Google Play for the Google Wallet app and download it to your phone. 

Nova KBM Open the app, click “Add card”, and follow the instructions on the screen of your mobile device. To immediately confirm the adequacy and correctness of the entered data, select "Online verification’’.

Nova KBM
Go to the settings of the Google Wallet app and set your Nova KBM card as the default card for contactless payments.

Nova KBM
Nova KBM

Paying with the Google Wallet app at physical Points of Sale

You can make payments at all Points of Sale whose POS terminals are equipped with the contactless payment label and accept Visa payment cards.

1. Unlock your Android mobile device. *
2. Tap your mobile device to the POS terminal.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen of your mobile device and the POS terminal.

*Payments under EUR 50 do not require of you to unlock your phone or enter your PIN.
Nova KBM


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