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Get to know the Flik service - Instant payments. With it, you can easily make transfers, receive payments and pay for purchases at the points of sale of some merchants.*

It is all possible through the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet and among clients of various Slovenian banks.

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You do not need a bank account to make transfers or receive payments, only the following contact information:

a mobile phone number
or an email address.


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Flik is free to use.


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The money you transfer or receive is in the bank account in a few seconds - even outside the bank's working hours.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Simply link your bank account with Flik

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Nova KBM The service can be used by Nova KBM personal account holders.
Nova KBM In the nearest branch, tell the bank specialist your phone number, if you have not already done so when registering the account.
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Download mDenarnic@ mobile wallet from Google Play or iOS store.

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Follow the registration process and confirm your contact information associated with your personal account number.


Download mDenarnic@ mobile wallet today and enjoy modern banking


Instructions for installing a mobile wallet.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out all the benefits and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


* The user can make a one-time payment in the amount of 25.00 EUR via the NFC interface without logging into the mobile wallet application. In this case, the limit of consecutive payments without registration of up to five (5) consecutive transactions, with a total value of 50.00 EUR, applies.

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