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Account for your first card and first independent financial steps!

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A personal account for your kid's first financial steps. That pocket money, cash gifts from relatives and other savings will be safely stored in his account. It is intended for the youngest up to the age of 14. Check the offer together with your kid.

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Monthly maintenance 0,00 EUR.


Nova KBM

Free Visa debit card* with exclusive benefits at selected bank partners.

Nova KBM

You can always check account balance together with your kid in Bank@Net or mBank@Net.
Nova KBM Easy payment with a Visa debit card at home, abroad, and online.
Nova KBM
Security SMS notification for Visa debit card (for holder).
 Nova KBM
Free use of mobile wallet mDenarnic@, Google Pay and FLIK.
Nova KBM Free cash withdrawals at around 450 Nova KBM and SKB ATMs, in bank branches, and at any post office in Slovenia.
 Nova KBM
5 free withdrawals in EUR per month at foreign ATMs**.


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At the branch

We are the most accessible bank with the widest network that enables you to meet your banking demands across the whole country in:
  • branch offices,
  • specialized banking points at select Post offices,
  • all Post offices in Slovenia.***

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What do you need?

Together with the child, come to the nearest branch of the bank, to a specialized bank counter at selected post offices or any post office in Slovenia*** .

Bring yours and your children's:
  • valid identity document,
  • certificate of tax number and
  • child's birth certificate (if his surname and/or address is different from yours or guardian's).

* For children over 10 years of age.
** Any ATM owner fee should be checked when withdrawing cash.
*** Contract-based post offices excluded.
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