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Your assets are too valuable to be exposed to potential hazards. Protect your possessions against unexpected and extreme events.

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Unexpected events (fire, flood, burglary, robbery) or climate change accompanied by extreme events (storms, hail) can put your property at risk. Get peace of mind and protect what you've created.


Nova KBM

Real estate and home equipment insurance at the new value.

Nova KBM

Assistance on a toll-free telephone number that provides help at home in case of emergency, 24 hours a day.

Nova KBM

Simplicity in one place. Save time and take out insurance with our bank.

  Home bundle - Insurance od residential properties and movable properties

Get peace of mind and choose the Home Bundle:
Nova KBM residential real estate insurance: residential and holiday facilities and facilities under construction,
Nova KBM residential property insurance: equipment in an apartment, house, attic, basement, or garage,
Nova KBM liability insurance: coverage of damage caused by an accident by you, your child, or your dog,
Nova KBM home assistance service: emergency assistance in case of accidents at home.

Are you interested in home insurance? The conclusion is simple.

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We are the most accessible bank with the widest network, where you can take out insurance and provide various other services throughout Slovenia.

* Insurance is not a banking service. Nova KBM acts as a marketing agent, while the insurer is Generali .
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