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Secure the entire approved amount of the emergency limit on your personal account with Nova KBM and make sure that in the event of an unpleasant event you do not burden your loved ones.

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We cannot predict all the events that happen to us in life. With the insurance of overdraft borrowers, you ensure that the repayment of the exceedingly permitted balance (overdraft) does not become the burden of your loved ones if an unpleasant event happens to you during the period when you use this banking service, such as, for example, accident, death or job loss.

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A low one-off annual premium that does not depend on your age.


Nova KBM

Simple and quick conclusion when renting a new extraordinary permitted overdraft or while paying off an existing one.
Nova KBM

Reimbursement of extraordinary permitted overdraft in case of death or disability.

You can choose between two bundles:

The basic bundle includes:
  • death insurance and
  • insurance for total permanent incapacity for work.

Nova KBM
Coverage: the insurance includes a payout equal to your extraordinary permitted excess.

The Perfect bundle includes:
  • death insurance,
  • insurance for total permanent incapacity for work and
  • unemployment insurance.

Nova KBM
Coverage: In case of death or permanent incapacity for work, payment by the insurance company in the amount of your extraordinary permitted excess.

In case of unemployment, the insurance company covers you for 3 monthly payments in the amount of 10% of the value of the extraordinary permitted overdraft (max. 300 EUR).

Taking out insurance is completely simple:

Nova KBM When taking out the insurance, you sign a declaration of good health.
Nova KBM
You can take out the insurance when renting a new extraordinarily permitted overdraft or while paying off an existing one.
Nova KBM The premium is paid at the time of conclusion in a lump sum and depends on the amount of the extraordinary permitted overdraft.
Nova KBM With the automatic renewal of your extraordinary permitted overdraft, the insurance is also extended.

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the sum insured?
The sum insured is equal to the amount of the extraordinary overdraft and is fixed for the entire duration of the contract and does not depend on the amount of the extraordinary overdraft used.
How long does life insurance for limit holders last?
The insurance of overdraft borrowers lasts for 1 year from the conclusion of the insurance and is automatically extended if the extraordinary overdraft is also renewed.
Who can take out life insurance?
People between the ages of 18 and 64 can be insured with the Basic bundle, while people over 54 can be insured with the Perfect bundle.

A condition for the conclusion is a signed declaration of good health.
Nova KBM
If you have any other questions, we will be happy to answer them in one of our branches, where our experts are at your disposal, or click on the I am interested button, submit your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Are you interested in life insurance for overdraft borrowers? The conclusion is simple.

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  Insurance documents
Brochure Life insurance for limit holders
  Information about the insurance product
  General terms and conditions for GENERALI Life insurance for limit holders


* Insurance is not a banking service. Nova KBM acts as a marketing agent, while the insurer is Generali.

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