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Don't miss the great opportunity of housing loans to buy real estate in cooperation with our partners.

We have lowered the interest rates on housing loans for you. Convince yourself with an informative calculation and get an individual offer in our branch.

Dedicated housing loan with a fixed or variable interest rate


Purchase of real estate and repayment of existing housing loans from our or another bank.
Loan amount

Up to 500.000 EUR.
Interest rate

Fixed interest rate with a term of up to 20 years.
Variable interest rate with a term of up to 31 years.
Loan insurance

With a mortgage on the property that is the subject of purchase. With insurance from an insurance company.

When buying real estate, we give you up to 20% of the approved loan in cash.


No appraisal fees.
No approval fees.
For new clients who are holders of the Komplet or Premium bundle: 6 months without bundle maintenance fees.

Additional benefits for Paketa Komplet, Premium, and Bank at work program participants.

A co-borrower can also participate in the repayment of a loan secured by a mortgage without additional costs.
Do not overlook 

When the loan is approved, intercalary interest is also calculated, the amount of which depends on the day of the loan rental in the month, and it is deducted when the loan is transferred. In case of an increase in the reference interest rate, the total amount of the loan that the borrower must pay may increase significantly. 

Make sure that, in case of unpleasant events, the repayment of the loan does not burden your loved ones, and take out life insuranceAlso, ensure the security of your home and contract property insurance

* You can take out insurance at our bank branches. Insurance is not a banking service. Nova KBM acts as an intermediary in marketing, while the insurer is GENERALI d.d.



Contact information of banking advisors

Maribor - Centrala branch, Vito Kraigherja 4
Andrej Vršič 
02 229 21 64
Danijela Đurić
02 229 21 65
Goran Ristić
02 229 21 49
Lidija Štumperger
02 229 21 51
Maribor - Branch Ljubljanska, Ljubljanska 1-3
Barbara Radoš
02 229 15 21
Maribor - Premium branch, Razlagova 4
Darja Judar
02 229 23 99
Maribor - Cesta Zmage branch, Cesta Zmage 98
Maja Šket
02 229 19 34
Ljubljana - Ljubljana Center branch, Stritarjeva 2
Spela Lipkovšek
01 620 30 31
Ljubljana - Branch Ljubljana 1, Tivolska 48
Matej Gorjup
01 620 30 11
Ljubljana - Branch Aleja, Rakuševa Street 1
Damjan Lampič
01 620 30 19
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