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Simple, easy to use and convenient online banking. Enter, pay, check accounts, transactions, balances or order our products (services). See how easy it is.

  Login with SMS Token or use biometric login.

 One password for online & mobile bank.
  Updated and improved for you.    

  Convenient and innovative design.  

Not a user yet? How to register for (m)Bank@Net?



Click and follow the steps.

You need:

  • Cell phone number
  • Tax number
  • PIN of your selected bank card
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Locked user account, forgotten username or password?




  • Reset your password
  • Forgotten username
  • Unlock your user account.

You Need:

  • Tax number
  • PIN of your selected bank card

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Enter and use online banking with SMS token



Enter your username and your 6-digit personal password to enter.

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After clicking on the LOG IN button, you will receive an SMS token, which you enter in the appropriate box:

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Did you know?

How do I become a user?

You must be over 18 to register online. If you want to register to (m)Bank@Net and you are agee 15 do 18 it is possible to do so in Branch with parental guidence, who has to sign consent.

Access to the online bank is free of charge for all users. The monthly fee for the online bank is charged according to the current price list of the bank and is published here.

For Komplet and Premium bundle holders, use of the online and mobile bank is included in the price and they can make all payments (up to EUR 50,000) at the online bank without compensation.

Replacing an existing security element with SMS token
Log in with your existing RSA SecurID Unique Password Generator and follow the steps in the app.

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SMS token information screen first appears. Clicking on the CONTINUE button will begin the process of changing your SMS token security element.                                     
Select or enter the mobile number to which you want to receive SMS tokens, and set a 6-digit numeric password and remember it. It will be used for further actions in the online and mobile bank.

You will then be redirected to login page. Enter the new password you set in the previous step to enter. You will then receive an SMS token, which you enter in the dedicated field.

Re-enter your newly created password.
How do I change my mobile number to receive SMS tokens?

You can arrange the change of cell phone number you use to receive the SMS OTP in any Nova KBM branch or submit your request at any Pošta Slovenije branch.

How do I set up Face recognition or Touch ID?

Setting biometric login depends on your device.

After logging into mBank@Net, you first need to set your mPassword by clicking “More” in the right upper corner. Select and tap the “mPassword Settings” line and select your login method.

- login with TouchID or

- login with face recognition

and follow the steps.


Tip: You should first set up and allow biometric login on your device’s operating system. This option is commonly found under Settings.

Have you been Insight user or you were using RSA key?
Don't worry! You can register again in less than one minute. With new inovative design is even more easy to use. No extra charge. 

Can I use eGeslo with new Bank@Net ?

No with new Bank@Net you can not use eGeslo.



You can also check Bank@Net functions Help we prepared for you!



  Bank will never ask for your Password, Personal data, Card number, PIN or other details over e-mail or phone.

  recommend you update your security patches, fire walls, Anti virus programs.

Bank's webpages:


  Emergency Numbers

You can call us every business day between 8:00 and 19:00, either toll free at 080 17 70 or +386 2 229 27 60, or email us at

If you suspect that your online banking profile has been compromised, if you have lost or replaced your phone or have had your phone stolen, please call our Contact Centre at 080 17 70 or  +386 2 229 2760. Our assistants are available to you 24/7. 

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Banka, ki je vedno pri roki! Za potrjevanje zahtev prejmete SMS žeton kar na vaš telefon.

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Za vas smo pripravili video kotiček.
Oglejte si, kako enostavna je uporaba spletne in mobilne banke. 

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Izkoristite priročnost bankomatov še za kaj več kot le dvig gotovine. 

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