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The best online and mobile bank in Slovenia in 2020, 2021 and 2022! A simple, transparent and useful online and mobile bank.



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Not a user yet? Become a (m)Bank@Net user in 1 minute


How? Simple! You will only need:

  1. Tax number
  2. Mobile number
  3. PIN code of the payment card.






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Login to the online bank with an SMS token


To login you need:

  • Username
  • 6-digit password
  • SMS token that you receive when you enter your username & password correctly

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Have you locked your user account, forgotten your password or username?


Unlock your user account yourself, without visiting a branch or contacting the bank. You only need:

1. Tax number
2. Mobile number.
3. PIN code of your card




Did you know:

How and when can I become a user?
Are you 15 or older? Arrange access in just 1 minute. All you need is:
  • tax number ,
  • mobile number
  • PIN cards

Check how to arrange access in just 1 minute!

Forgot your password or username?
Have you locked your access to Bank@Net & mBank@Net? Forgot your username or password? No problem!

You can reset your username and password in 1 minute! All you need is:
  • tax number ,
  • mobile number
  • PIN cards

How do I set up login with face or fingerprint recognition (Face recognition or Touch ID)?

Biometric login setup depends on your device. After entering mBank@Net, first set your mPassword. mPassword settings in the application settings, in the "mPassword" section.

After successfully creating an mPassword, the application will ask you for permission to log in with Touch ID or Face ID

Nova KBM

  asked you to provide the password for accessing the online or mobile bank via e-mail or phone.
  asked for card information: number, validity or security code on the back.

The Nova KBM websites are:

The bank does not use e-mail to exchange confidential data, provide information on software upgrades or requests to change passwords, but sends notifications to you, the users, directly to the Inbox of the online bank.


Nova KBM

You can call us every weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on the toll-free number 080 17 70 or +386 2 229 27 60. You can write to us at

In case of suspicion of misuse of online banking, loss, exchange or theft of a mobile phone , please do so
call the call center on 080 17 70 or +386 2 229 2760 ,
which is available to you 24 hours a day.


Nova KBM

Minimum Technical Requirements

For smooth operation, the following is supported for:

mBank@Net mobile bank: Bank@Net online bank and e-Notifications portal:
  • Android operating system version 8.0 and higher
  • iOS version 14.0 and higher
  • The last two main versions of major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari)*.

*The main browser version is defined by the numbers before the comma (e.g. Chrome and Bank@Net and e-Notifications often also work on other browsers or on an older version of the previously mentioned browsers, but this is not guaranteed.

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