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Accidents can happen anywhere; at work, in nature, in a traffic accident... with accident insurance, you can mitigate the financial consequences and save additional worries if the worst happens.

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Because the accident never rests. It can happen anywhere; at work, in nature, or in traffic ... With accident insurance, you can mitigate the financial consequences and save yourself additional worries if the worst happens.


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The insurance can be taken out by persons ages 14 to 85.

Combinations of accident insurance

Guarantee Combination A Combination B
Death by accident 15,000 EUR 20,000 EUR
Progressive disability 30,000 EUR 40,000 EUR
Burial fee 1,000 EUR /
Compensation for hospitalization due to an accident / 100 EUR
Accident annuity for 5 years / 200 EUR
Monthly premium 5,21 EUR 7,47 EUR

Premiums are valid for one person and already include 8,5% tax on the turnover of insurance transactions. Progressive disability: in case of permanent disability over 50%, the insured is paid in addition to 50% of the agreed sum and 3% of the insured sum for each percentage of disability over 50%. In the case of 100% disability, the insured sum is doubled.

Accident annuity: in the case of accidental disability of at least 30%, which is the result of one accident.

Notice to insurers - sustainability of insurance products

The insurance company assesses the sustainable impact of insurance products on the environment (E), society (S), or matters related to employees, respect for human rights, etc. (G). The document defining sustainability factors by-product is also published on the insurance company's website If the expectations regarding the sustainability factors of the products differ from the defined sustainability factors or the product does not meet the durability factors, the insured takes out this insurance at his express request.


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*Insurances are not banking services. Nova KBM acts as a marketing agent, while the insurer is Zavarovalnica Sava.
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