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Working together as a group, we can work better - also for charitable purposes | NKBM

Working together as a group, we can work better - also for charitable purposes

Working together as a group, we can work better - also for charitable purposes

17 August 2023
Nova KBM and SKB Bank, under the umbrella of the OTP Group, are already in the process of merging, demonstrating that they will continue to support a broader social environment that promotes charity, sustainability, and volunteering as one bank. The OTP Group, which includes Nova KBM and SKB banka in Slovenia, will donate a total of 2,2 million euros to those in need. In addition to Nova KBM and SKB banka, the funds will also be contributed by the parent company, Hungarian OTP bank.
Nature has once again proven its supremacy in the past few days. The devastating floods and landslides, which are still happening, have connected tens of thousands of citizens who help friends, neighbors, colleagues, and strangers in a critical phase. We have proven many times that Slovenia is a unique place of good work and selfless help in crisis situations. 

Under the umbrella of the OTP Group, Nova KBM and SKB banka, which have been in the process of merging since February this year, are also joining forces. The goal of the merger is not only the creation of a leading financial institution in the country, which will provide customers with high-quality banking services and products, but also to set a good example in terms of sustainability, governance, and charitable behavior of both the organization and its employees. 

John Denhof, president of the board of Nova KBM: "In a crisis situation, Slovenia once again proved its unity. Through various volunteering and charity campaigns, we foster such culture also among the employees of Nova KBM. We have already extended solidarity aid to colleagues who have found themselves in unenviable situation. By introducing various mechanisms, we will continue to support them in the future as well. However, we also aim to work more broadly. It is noteworthy that the impacts of the merger between the two banks are also resonating in the realm of charity. Therefore, the underlying theme of donations within the OTP group will be the promotion of a culture of volunteering, assistance, and, consequently, ensuring the continuity of this impeccably organized system. The recent millennium flood reaffirmed the importance of the organization, competence, and responsiveness demonstrated by the Firefighters Association of Slovenia and the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, entities that bring together more than 100 thousand exceptional individuals."

Anita Stojčevska, chief executive officer of SKB banka: "Slovenia has faced a major natural disaster, and the consequences will only become clear in the coming weeks and months. It is important that we stand by each other and help one another in these difficult and unimaginable situations – as colleagues, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Within the SKB banka, in partnership with Nova KBM and the parent Group OTP, we have immediately provided assistance to our colleagues who have suffered damage. We are committed to supporting individuals, the economy, and the broader community in mitigating the aftermath of nature's rampage. Consequently, we are allocating financial aid to voluntary organizations, which are consistently the first on the ground, providing selfless assistance in the face of such disasters. In moments like these, it is crucial to demonstrate through both words and actions that those affected are not alone. As employers and co-workers, we contribute in various ways within our capacity. These recent days have underscored the importance of shared values. I am immensely proud that my colleagues are always ready to offer selfless help – many responded promptly to the call for assistance, providing both material support and physical aid."

The OTP Group will contribute funds in the amount of 2,2 million euros to the Firefighters Association of Slovenia, which unites all volunteer firefighting associations in the country, the Mountain Rescue Association of Slovenia, whose members provide voluntary assistance in the most difficult areas during severe natural disasters and to the Slovenian Red Cross, to help people in towns and municipalities who have been left homeless, or whose homes have been damaged or rendered uninhabitable.

Nova KBM and SKB banka arranged solidarity aid for their employees

The two banks immediately offered those affected by the floods solidarity aid in the form of financial help, the possibility of using extraordinary leave, mobilized their employees to help their colleagues physically, with material goods or temporary accommodation as far as possible.

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