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Nova KBM has become a member of OTP group | NKBM

Nova KBM has become a member of OTP group

Nova KBM has become a member of OTP Group

6 February 2023
As of, 6 February 2023, OTP Bank officially became the owner of Nova KBM d.d. and Aleja Finance d.o.o.
Our bank now has a strong strategic owner that will further strengthen the position of OTP Group in the Slovenian banking market.

What does this mean for Nova KBM’s clients?
The change of ownership of Nova KBM does not mean any significant changes from the outset for the clients. They will continue to be served by Nova KBM and can expect the same level of services as before.
We invite them to continue doing their banking at their usual Nova KBM branch, via our online and mobile bank applications and at post offices. The only change that will be noticeable when clients visit some of our branches, ATMs and Nova KBM online and mobile bank in the coming weeks is that our logo gradually goes green in line with the corporate branding of OTP Group.

Nova KBM

What happens next?
Subject to the regulatory approvals we will – supported by our new strategic owner - gradually begin to join forces with SKB banka, the first daughter bank of OTP Group in Slovenia.
Until the planned merger, Nova KBM and SKB banka continue to operate as before and as separate legal entities while clients can expect to be able to access the same high-quality products and services to which they are accustomed.
The merged bank is expected to be a dominant player on Slovenian market.

When will the merger happen?
Subject to the regulatory approvals we expect the merger of Nova KBM and SKB banka to happen within approximately 1.5 years. We will aim to create an even stronger bank and our esteemed customers will benefit from:
  • An even more extensive and accessible physical banking network consisting of bank branches, post offices and ATMs nationwide
  • Further development of cutting-edge digital channels and services
  • An even stronger product and service offering through the combination of the very best of Nova KBM and SKB banka.

We are happy to announce that soon after the change of ownership of Nova KBM clients of Nova KBM and SKB banka will be able to use the joint ATM network consisting of about 450 ATMs in Slovenia without fees for debit card cash withdrawals – we will provide more details in due course.

What is OTP Group?
OTP Group is one of the leading financial groups in the CEE region with an exceptional growth track record, outstanding profitability and solid capital and liquidity positions. The banking group provides universal financial services to nearly 16 million customers with more than 33,000 employees in 11 countries.  It offers cutting edge digital solutions and a network of more than 1,400 branches.
OTP Group is headquartered in Hungary and has a diversified and transparent ownership structure. The banking group has been listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange since 1995. Its operations are fully compliant with the EU standards and legislation regulating corporate governance as well as business compliance and transparency.
We will promptly inform clients of any upcoming changes that may impact them. Please find more information at Clients can also contact us at and 080 17 70.

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