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Withdraw cash with a smile

Withdraw cash with a smile

2 July 2024

Customers of Nova KBM and SKB banka, both members of the OTP Group, can use their Visa personal debit card to withdraw cash completely free of charge also at the ATMs of the members of the OTP Group (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine). The possibility of free cash withdrawals in already nine countries increases the competitive advantage for both banks and brings significant added value and benefit to our customers. Free withdrawals are available without any limit on the number of transactions or the amount of cash you can withdraw.

The Bank ensures free ATM cash withdrawals as per the promotional waiver until further notice. More about the network of OTP ATMs is available at the link OTP Group or on the websites of individual banks, and members of the OTP Group.
This is an advantage for the customers of OTP Group and at the same time a step towards strengthening cross-border cooperation in this successful international group, which is present in 12 markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Uzbekistan.
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