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Nova KBM winner of the Euromoney Award for Excellence | NKBM

Nova KBM winner of the Euromoney Award for Excellence

Nova KBM winner of the Euromoney Award for Excellence

1 August 2023
Nova KBM won the Euromoney Award for Excellence 2023 as the best Slovenian bank.

Euromoney awards have been awarded by the UK business and finance magazine of the same name for more than 20 years based on reviews of renowned business and finance journalists. In the world of finance, Euromoney awards are known as reputable and independent awards that are based on a variety of objective criteria – aside from business results, they consider other important factors such as innovation, research, and ability to develop new services and customer solutions.

Nova KBM has been operating at a profit for several years, ensuring thereby a foundation for long-term sustainability and resilience as well as further investments into development and socially responsible conduct. We also deliver on our comprehensive ESG Strategy that focuses on greater sustainability to strengthen our competitiveness and attractiveness. At the same time, we strive for systematic management of environmental and social aspects and high corporate governance standards, which is our way of leading by example.

John Denhof, President of the Management Board of Nova KBM: “In 2022, Nova KBM further solidified its position as the most accessible bank in the country that provides best-in-class and comprehensive financial services. Digitalization is a priority area of development and one of the bank’s strategic pillars, which is further corroborated by the awards we won for our digital solutions. We are especially proud of the fact that our online and mobile bank have been named the best in Slovenia for three years in a row. Nova KBM is one of the most innovative banks on the Slovenian market and now also an important member of OTP Group. This latest international award confirms that we are successfully delivering on our ambitious vision to be the best bank in Slovenia and that the international expert community has recognized our efforts. I’m proud to share this award with my colleagues in the bank and I thank them all for their contributions to this latest achievement of Nova KBM. Even as a member of OTP Group Nova KBM continues to focus on its clients and on the delivery of priority strategic goals, all while preparing for the merger with the sister bank SKB (subject to all regulatory clearances).

Hungarian OTP Bank, owner of Nova KBM, won the Euromoney award as well, having been rated as the Best Digital Bank in Central and Eastern Europe, and winning the award for the best bank in Hungary for the sixth time in a row.

About the Euromoney Awards for Excellence
Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2023 were determined by an editorial panel of judges following a three-month research and interview process. The expert panel rated financial indicators, size, profitability and growth, better relative performance compared to peers, and the ability to adjust to changing market developments and/or client needs. Aside from financial performance, the panel also graded digital banking strategy, cybersecurity processes, and social responsibility.
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