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Nova KBM makes easy banking services available to Ukrainian refugees | NKBM

Nova KBM makes easy banking services available to Ukrainian refugees

Nova KBM makes easy banking services available to Ukrainian refugees

21 March 2022
At Nova KBM, we are aware how important it is for clients to have the ability to handle their everyday banking needs regardless of their situation. In our efforts to provide clients with easy and user-friendly solutions, we have decided to make banking easier for Ukrainian nationals currently staying in Slovenia due to the situation in their country.


Ukrainian nationals who have obtained the status of person under temporary protection can, upon presenting the required documentation, open a basic payment account at Nova KBM that also includes access to Bank@Net online and mobile banking. The service is available at any Nova KBM branch office.


In addition, until and including 10 June 2022, clients who withdraw cash at Nova KBM’s ATMs using cards issued in the Ukraine will not be charged a withdrawal fee that is commonly charged for cash withdrawals using cards of foreign card issuers.


At the same time, until and including 10 June 2022, Nova KBM will not charge its retail clients for money transfers to Ukraine, which means that transactions made by Nova KBM clients to Ukraine from their personal will be exempt from fees. Any charges will be refunded to the client’s personal account.


Banking services available to Ukrainian nationals with temporary protection status:

  • Simplified opening of basic payment account,
  • Access to online and mobile bank,
  • Visa debit card,
  • No account administration fees for the first 3 months.


Nova KBM also provides:

  • No cash withdrawals fees at Nova KBM’s ATMs with cards issued in the Ukraine; the Bank usually charges a fee for cash withdrawals with cards of foreign card issuers,
  • No fees on money transfers to the Ukraine for Nova KBM’s retail clients, and
  • No fees on money transfers to charities such as the Red Cross or Karitas.


According to Nova KBM CEO John Denhof, “Easy banking is important for all clients, regardless of their nationality or country they reside in. We are aware that many Ukrainians have come to face a different situation in the course of a single night, which is why it is our duty to do everything in our power to help them. This way, we lead by example, and invite others to follow us. We are proud of our clients who help those in need by donating to charities such as the Red Cross, Slovenian Karitas, and others. The Bank will not charge any transaction fees on donations to these accounts, because we are convinced that this is one of the ways in which we can all act together in paving a road toward a more stable and safe future for them.”

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