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Nova KBM and Abanka merged into a strong national bank | NKBM

Nova KBM and Abanka merged into a strong national bank

Nova KBM and Abanka merged into a strong national bank

1 September 2020
The banking regulators have issued the necessary authorisations for the merger of Nova KBM d.d. and Abanka, d.d. The largest merger in Slovenian banking to date creates a strong national bank with solid foundations and a comprehensive range of modern and quality tailor-made financial services.
To ensure service continuity after the merger of Nova KBM and Abanka, clients will be able to use all services in the same manner as before, i.e. in their respective bank branches or business units, and via the same online or mobile bank that they already use. Until the end of the operational merger, Nova KBM clients will not be able to carry out banking services in Abanka’s current branch network and vice versa. Clients will be notified of any changes in this regard in due time.

In early 2021, when the merging of the IT systems is also completed, all clients will use same products and services and the most extensive physical network of over 960 banking points, including branches and ATMs of the combined bank, specialized banking offices and the post offices all over Slovenia.

Prior to the formal merger, the two banks made several improvements with clients in mind, e.g. by updating certain functionalities of the electronic channels and by unifying the ATM network which has already been available to the clients of both banks free of charge for the most common services since April 2020. Clients can expect even more benefits in the future, particularly in digital banking, so that it will be possible to conclude increasingly more products via phone and the contact centre.
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