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New urban beehive abuzz on the roof of the office building in Maribor | NKBM

New urban beehive abuzz on the roof of the office building in Maribor

New urban beehive abuzz on the roof of the office building in Maribor

20 May 2022

Today is World Bee Day and Nova KBM welcomed five bee families, who have found a new home in the urban beehive on the roof of our office building in Maribor. We created a pleasant living environment for our bees by planting honey plants in the direct vicinity of the beehive and we believe that they will feel right at home.

“Bees protect and take care of ecosystems and animal and plant species and thereby contribute to genetic and biotic diversity. As we strive to preserve biotic diversity by way of various actions as part of our ESG Strategy, we decided to include an urban beehive into our ESG transformation programme. I am convinced that the number of urban beehives will increase in the future, as employees at Nova KBM locations all across Slovenia have already shown plenty of interest. Bees are also an indicator of conditions in the environment. Their presence, absence, and numbers tell us when something is happening with the environment and when it’s time to act. We look forward to their messages and, with the help of our diligent beekeeper, will regularly monitor these messages and make sure that they feel well in urban surroundings,” said CEO John Denhof, who recently laid down the first building block for our urban beehive together with the ambassador of our Bank, Primož Roglič.

In the beginning, our bees will be taken care of by beekeepers from the Beekeeping Association of the Štajerska region and we thank them for their selfless and professional help. Later on, we will entrust the keeping of our banking bees to an employee of ours who is a beekeeper in his private time and has all the necessary certifications and required expert skills.

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