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First electric vehicles in Nova KBM’s vehicle fleet | NKBM

First electric vehicles in Nova KBM’s vehicle fleet

First electric vehicles in Nova KBM’s vehicle fleet

8 June 2022

To commemorate World Environment Day that we celebrated last Sunday, we introduced six new electric vehicles to Nova KBM’s vehicle fleet, which confirm our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles and charging stations are available at three Bank locations across Slovenia – both office buildings in Maribor and the office building in Ljubljana.

we are aware that this will be the first time for many employees to come in contact with electric vehicles on their business trips, we organized instructional sessions to highlight the characteristics of the cars, teach them how to charge the vehicles correctly, and give them a few thrilling test drives. Deploying these vehicles is a new step toward e-mobility, and we have more planned for later this year. By way of our ESG Strategy that Nova KBM adopted last year we strive to respond to global environmental challenges in an effective manner,” said CEO John Denhof at the vehicle presentation event.

Promoting sustainable mobility is not our only commitment – at Nova KBM, our ESG Strategy also outlines our commitment to improve our own energy efficiency. This year, we introduced a heating and cooling energy consumption efficiency system in our RCA Tezno office building in Maribor, replaced the blinds, and replaced a major part of existing lighting with more energy efficient LED lights.

We are convinced that using electric company vehicles will further reduce our own carbon footprint. We set an ambitious goal for ourselves – we wish to reduce our carbon footprint by an additional 7% compared to 2021, and one of the ways we will meet this goal is by making good on our commitment to replace at least 20% of our vehicle fleet this year with electric vehicles.

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