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Aside from having the best online bank, Nova KBM also has the best mobile bank in Slovenia

Aside from having the best online bank, Nova KBM also has the best mobile bank in Slovenia

6 August 2020

After Nova KBM’s online bank Bank@Net received the highest score in a Slovenian online bank survey in the beginning of July and was awarded the title Best Online Bank 2020, Nova KBM’s mobile bank mBank@Net also earned the top rank in terms of content and user experience in a Slovenian mobile bank survey. mBank@Net was crowned the Best Mobile Bank 2020.

E-laborat’s survey captured online banks provided by all Slovenian banks and savings banks. For the second year in a row the survey also included mobile banks of four fintech companies. The survey graded mobile banks both in terms of content and user experience, and results have shown that Nova KBM’s mobile bank offers the most contents and features.

According to Rifat Tolga Yurteri, Head of Digital at Nova KBM, “a record number of clients are signing up for Nova KBM’s digital platforms. People who were used to doing their banking in branch offices are using digital banking services more than ever. We certainly encourage that, as digitalization has been a part of our strategy for quite some time. We are also proud of our excellent ratings in app stores in the user experience category. Both of these titles, Best Online Bank and Best Mobile Bank, are a testament to our clients’ satisfaction.”

Nova KBM is expanding the range of services clients can use without having to visit a branch office. Clients can activate the best mobile bank in the country remotely by  downloading the free app to their mobile phone. Logging into mobile bank mBank@Net is simple as well, as the application supports both fingerprint and face recognition login. Nova KBM is offering an additional benefit to new mBank@Net users, who can use the mobile bank free of charge for one year, i.e. without a monthly fee.

By earning the titles Best Online Bank in Slovenia and Best Mobile Bank in Slovenia Nova KBM is successfully realizing its vision of becoming the best bank. After an impartial and professional panel of the Moje finance editorial staff declared Nova KBM the Most Affordable Bank in 2019 due to offering its clients the most affordable basket of ten most commonly used banking services, its brand was recognized in 2020 as unique, and one that consumers know, trust, and identify with. Nova KBM ranks among the top 1% of Slovenian companies that are proud bearers of the title Superbrands Slovenia 2020.

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