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At Nova KBM, we plant and preserve trees and do paperless business | NKBM

At Nova KBM, we plant and preserve trees and do paperless business

At Nova KBM, we plant and preserve trees and do paperless business

12 April 2022

Nova KBM joined the recent Slovenia-wide tree planting campaign Rejuvenate our Forests that was organized by the Slovenian state forests company Slovenski državni gozdovi. Together with our family members, Bank employees planted more than 1000 tree saplings in Kidričevo, Rakov Škocjan and Trojane that will now grow and bind carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is the main culprit of global warming and adverse climate change. We also preserve trees by digitalizing banking process and introducing a paperless business culture. Over the last three years, we reduced the volume of printing and paper consumption in Nova KBM by more than one half and thereby preserved nearly 800 additional trees.

The Bank invests in employee awareness programmes on climate-related topics and encourages its staff to take part in various environmental projects With this year’s rejuvenation of Slovenian forests our bankers made a positive contribution to protecting the environment and reducing carbon footprint and took concrete actions to commemorate our Bank’s 160th anniversary.

Care for the preservation of trees is one of the focus points of Nova KBM’s broader ESG Strategy by which the Bank systematically manages environmental and social impacts and ensures high corporate governance standards. We have been reducing the consumption of paper across all out business lines for a number of years. Clients can thus open an account and use services via online or mobile banking, receive monthly notifications and letters in electronic format, and use signature pads in branch offices. Work processes in the Bank have also been either fully digitalized or consume as little paper as possible.

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