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Abanka has become a member of Nova KBM Group

5 February 2020
Today, on 5th February 2020, Nova KBM successfully completed its acquisition of Abanka which in turn became a member of the Nova KBM Group.

What does this mean for Nova KBM clients?

The completion of the transaction will not bring any significant changes for clients from the outset, as they will continue to be served by Nova KBM and can expect the same level of services as before. The clients are welcome to continue using their usual branches as well as online and mobile bank Bank@Net and mBank@Net.

What next?

Later this year, Nova KBM intends to fully merge with Abanka and integrate the two entities into one, creating a strong, nationwide bank. Clients can expect:

  • An expanded and more accessible banking network with more ATMs, branches and service points nationwide,
  • Further enhanced digital channels,
  • An even stronger product and service offering, through the combination of the very best of what Abanka and Nova KBM respectively offer.

John Denhof, president of the Management Board of Nova KBM, said: “Our acquisition of Abanka is an exciting milestone in the continued successful evolution of our bank. Abanka and Nova KBM are both strong organizations with sizable and loyal customer and employee bases, leading brands and effective track records. By combining both banks and leveraging our mutual strengths, we will create greater opportunities to support our clients and local communities with better products and services, more convenient channels and innovative solutions. Together, we expect to create the best bank in Slovenia, one that will be sustainably profitable and focused on customer needs while remaining fully compliant with existing and emerging regulation.”
Any potential news or changes will be promptly communicated to clients and business partners. For more information please see You can also contact us at and 080 17 70.

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