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For micro-enterprises that need financial resources to finance longer-term investments in fixed and permanent working capital.

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Let us help you finance your investments in fixed assets and permanent working capital with long-term loans for micro-enterprises.


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A loan from 1 to 10 years.

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Dedicated use of funds.
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You pay the principal and interest monthly.


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The loan repayment period is usually from one to ten years.

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The interest rate and approval costs depend on the company's creditworthiness, operations (past and current, and future estimates), the loan term, the quality of the collateral, and cooperation with our bank in other areas.

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The principal instrument used to secure the loan is a signed blank bill of exchange with a promissory note and a power of attorney to execute and draw the bills of exchange. As complementary insurance instruments, you can propose:
  • pledge of immovable or movable property,
  • pledge of deposits,
  • guarantee of a natural person and/or legal entity,
  • other forms of insurance in accordance with the agreement.

Types of loans

  • Loan for the purchase of business and production premises
  • Loan for the purchase of equipment
  • Loan for permanent working capital

For the highest quality of your business

Take out the SMART BUSINESS bundle, which, in addition to essential banking services, also includes an automatically approved account overdraft at a unified, competitive price. 


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