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For everyone who wants to control their spending with payment cards and ensure an additional level of security when dealing with their cards.

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For customers who want to keep track of their spending and would like to benefit from an additional layer of card security to help verify their transactions.


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A higher level of card transaction security and spending control. You will receive the alert when you make a payment at home, abroad, or online, or when you withdraw cash at the ATM*.


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The message contains key information: information about the transaction (date, amount, place, and country) and the phone number you are to call if you suspect your card has been used fraudulently. There is also information about overdraft for your card.**

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You can use the service for one or more cards.

* These offline payments are exempt and you will not receive a security SMS; e.g. payment of tolls on certain highways; smaller contactless payments.

** Only for Visa charge cards.

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If you are a user of the online bank, you can also order it in Bank@Net (individuals) or Business Bank@Net (companies, associations).
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