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The Nova KBM Supervisory Board comprises the following members: Andrej Fatur (Chair), Manfred Puffer (Deputy Chair), Michele Rabá, Gernot Lohr, Andrea Moneta and Alexander Saveliev.


The Nova KBM Supervisory Board comprises the following members: Andrej Fatur (Chair), Andrzej Klesyk (Deputy chairman), Manfred Puffer, Michele Rabá, Andrea Moneta, Kristina Žagar and Borut Jamnik.
Dr. Andrej Fatur
Andrej Fatur holds a PhD in Law and serves as an attorney for corporate law. He has many years of experience working in both local and international environment. In the past, he served as a member of the Supervisory Board, the Audit Committee and the Risk Committee of Nova KBM, in addition to being a legal adviser to the Bank of Slovenia on banking operations and regulations.
Andrzej Klesyk
Deputy Chairman
Andrzej Klesyk is a highly qualified expert in financial services. Since 2016, he has been working as a senior advisor, mainly in the field of financing listed companies, advising investors and banks, and advising international companies on their business strategy in Europe. Between 2007 and 2015, he was Chief Executive Officer of PZU SA Company. Under his leadership, PZU became known as one of the largest and most successful cases of public offering of private company shares in Central and Eastern Europe.
Manfred Puffer
Manfred Puffer has more than 37 years of work experience in the area of finance and banking. Since 2008, he has been employed at Apollo Global Management, LLC, as an Operating Partner – Independent Consultant. Puffer has acquired relevant supervisory experience by acting as a supervisor of various European companies, particularly in the area of finance. By working for several banks and other financial institutions, including Bremer Kreditbank AG (BKB), he has gained valuable banking and banking-related skills and experience.
Michele Rabà

Michele Rabà is a Partner at Apollo and has been involved in various private equity transactions, including Gala Coral, Braas Monier, Watches of Switzerland, NKBM, Oldenburgische Landesbank and Gamenet. Michele Rabà currently serves as a director of Gamenet, NKBM and Summit Leasing Slovenia and he is a former board member of Watches of Switzerland and KBS banka.

Prior to joining Apollo, Michele Rabà was with Goldman Sachs International in the Financial Institutions Group within the Investment Banking Division, based in London. Michele Rabà graduated from Bocconi University where he earned both his BA in Financial Institutions and Markets and his MSc in Finance.

Kristina Žagar
Ms Žagar is a Senior Banker / Associate Director, Financial Institutions, EU Banks & Structured Finance Team at EBRD with 15-year experience in banking. She developed her skills and experience by holding various functions at the EBRD and, previously, at Merrill Lynch International, London. She began her professional career at Raiffeisenbank, Zagreb.
Andrea Moneta
Andrea Moneta serves as the President of the Management Board of Amissima Group, a portfolio company run by Apollo Global Management, LLC. While he has gained relevant supervisory experience by serving as a supervisor of various European companies, particularly in the area of finance, he has acquired his specific skills and know-how through his work in banking-related areas, such as politics and economics, risk management, financial marketing and business administration. Moneta completed post-graduate studies in risk management and financial markets.
Borut Jamnik
Mr Jamnik is a professional with over 20 years of experience in business and corporate governance. In his career he held numerous executive and non-executive positions in the banking, insurance and broader finance sector. He has been the Chairman of the Management Board of Modra zavarovalnica d.d. since 2011 where his lines of work include asset management, compliance, planning, controlling, strategic communications, legal and HR.
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