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In Nova KBM, in accordance with the European Directive on payment services, we have redirected the confirmation of online purchases made with payment cards at merchants within the EU to the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet, which has replaced the SMS token.

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In accordance with the European Directive on payment services, in New KBM, we have redirected payment confirmations of online purchases made with payment cards at online merchants in the European Economic Area (EEA) to the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet, which has replaced the SMS token.


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From May 3, 2022, the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet is mandatory when confirming payments for online purchases with payment cards in the EEA.


Online shopping in stores in the EEA
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If the merchant is fully compliant with the requirements of the European directive as a mDenarnic@ user, you will receive a push notification on your phone screen when confirming online purchases with payment cards.
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Clicking on it will open mDenarnic@ , which you can access with a password, fingerprint or face recognition.
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Check the transaction information and simply confirm your payment with one click in mDenarnic@.
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After confirmation, return to the merchant's website to verify that the payment has been confirmed. You must keep the merchant's website active during authentication.

If you have not yet downloaded mDenarnic@ to your phone and activated it, the payment will be refused. To successfully complete the payment, you will need to download and activate mDenarnic@.

If you do not have a smartphone or the corresponding version of the Android and iOS operating system and cannot download mDenarnic@, check the section

Frequently asked questions and answers for the alternative method of confirming online payments.
Online shopping in stores outside the EEA
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Banks and online shops outside the EEA are not bound by the requirements of the European Payment Services Directive.
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However, it is possible that some online shops outside the EEA have adapted their payment platform for a better and safer user experience. Therefore, even if you pay for an online purchase in an online store outside the EEA, you may receive a push notification confirming the purchase in mDenarnic@.
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You may not receive any notification to confirm an online payment from a non-EEA merchant, the merchant will only debit your account for the amount of the purchase.



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If the online merchant in the EEA has not adapted to the legislative requirements , instead of confirming the online purchase, you will receive a reminder to install mDenarnic@, and the payment will be refused.


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All banks and merchants in the EEA must adapt to the requirements of the directive, so all online purchases with payment cards (at merchants within the EEA) must be confirmed with strong authentication or verification of the buyer's identity. Exceptions will be payments that pose a lower risk and are appropriately marked on the merchant's side (eg small value payments or recurring transactions) or on the card issuer's side. This will continue to be possible without verifying the identity of the cardholder.


What should I do?

Download mDenarnic@ to your phone

Download the free mDenarnic@ application on your smartphone as soon as possible, which is available in the application stores and adapted for the Android and iOS operating systems.

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Activate mWallet@

Before you can start using the mobile wallet, you need to complete a simple and quick registration process.

See how easy it is in the video presentation:



Frequent questions and answers

Why are they now asking me for two pieces of information?

Due to the regulations that came into force on September 14, 2019. The purpose of the regulations introduced by the Payment Services Directive is to protect your card details, reduce fraud and enable you to pay for online purchases even more securely. With the introduction of two-step authentication, verification of the identity of the payment card holder is ensured.

What do I need to do to confirm online purchases?

As a Nova KBM customer, you will confirm online purchases that you want to pay with payment cards in the mDenarnic@ mobile wallet. Upon confirmation of the online purchase, you will receive a push message that has replaced the SMS token and will direct you to mDenarnic@. All you have to do is install the free mDenarnic@ app on your smartphone and activate it.

The new approval process is complex. Can it be simplified?

Although the new process of confirming online purchases with a payment card may seem slower and more complicated than before, we cannot influence European legislation. The purpose of the new rules is to ensure that your online payments are even more secure and that there is less misuse or scam.

Do I have to confirm every online payment in mDenarnic@ or Bank@Net?

In accordance with the law, all stakeholders in the online payment process must ensure safe and transparent payment to the user. For this purpose, this strong authentication is used, which includes two-factor authentication of online payments via mDenarnic@ or Bank@Net. The legislation also allows exceptions to strong authentication for transactions that the card issuer or merchant recognizes as less risky based on prescribed special rules and procedures that the bank must ensure during online payment (e.g. lower transaction values, etc.).

Therefore, it is not necessary that the user will always be asked to confirm his identity in mDenarnic@ or Bank@Net for every online payment.

An exception is also all online traders outside the EEA, who do not fall under this legislation. However, they can also use this security mechanism.

I don't have a smartphone or my phone does not work on newer versions of Android and iOS operating systems. How can I confirm online payments?

For customers with older versions of operating systems (less than 7.1 for Android and iOS 11 for iPhone) or without smartphones, we have developed a solution for confirming online payments through the Bank@Net online bank.

If you already use Bank@Net, after entering your payment information on the merchant's website, you will receive a message to log in to Bank@Net via your desktop. Once you are logged in, you will have a pop-up window on the Bank@Net screen where you can confirm or reject the online payment within 5 minutes. If you are not yet a Bank@Net user, you can easily register
here in a few minutes.

Who has to adapt to the new legal requirements?

The entire ecosystem must adapt to the requirements of the new European directive - from online shops in the EEA to banks that issue cards, institutions that ensure that online shops have the appropriate protocols in place, to the regulator. Everyone in the said chain must meet strict requirements to verify the identity of the buyer.

Are other banks also introducing the requirements of the new directive?

Yes, all banks in the EEA are introducing changes to the authentication of online purchases with payment cards. It is an industry directive, so all banks and companies (or online store owners) must follow it.

I cannot make an online payment with a card. What can I do?

If you cannot make an online payment, we suggest that you check whether you have enough available funds on your card. Also check whether you have enabled secure online payment (you have mDenarnic@) and whether you have set appropriate limits for online payments (for a debit card). All of the above can be easily checked and, if necessary, changed in the Bank@Net online bank .

All stakeholders must be prepared for a successful online purchase. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general conditions of purchase or service in good time and contact the dealer for more information.

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