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Smart business starts with an end-to-end approach. Choose the bundle for sole traders and micro companies that will make your work efficient, simple, and transparent.

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Smart business starts with a comprehensive approach.

Choose a bundle for sole proprietors and micro-enterprises that will make your work efficient, simple, and coherent. Our bundle comes with a unified, competitive price and includes:

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Business account management and monthly use of the business online, electronic, or mobile bank.


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Automatically approved account overdraft.*

*A start-up can be granted an overdraft within 6 months after the company is established.


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First VISA debit card and annual membership for the VISA charge card.


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SMS notifications on transactions with the selected debit and charge card.

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New POS terminal lease fee.

smart business paket za mikro podjetja 6 mesecev brezplačno

Do business without limitations. Choose Smart Business.

Make your business efficient, simple, and transparent by opting for our SMART BUSINESS bundle that includes the most frequently used banking services starting at:

8,99 EUR per month for private entrepreneurs

19,99 EUR per month for companies

To make your monthly cost payments even easier, the bundle price includes an automatically approved account overdraft of up to 1,000 EUR .*

*The approval of some products from the product range is subject to the Bank’s business policy. Promotions from different campaigns of the Bank cannot be combined.


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