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For private individuals and companies needing financial resources to finance ongoing operations.

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We offer various types of short-term credit to finance current operations.


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You can withdraw the loan all at once or in several amounts.

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You repay the principal as agreed, and the interest monthly.

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Non-purposeful or purposeful use of funds.


Nova KBM  Repayment period: up to 30 days, up to 180 days, or up to 360 days.
Nova KBM  You can withdraw the loan in one-time or multiple amounts.
Nova KBM  The interest rate and approval costs depend on the creditworthiness of the company or private individual, the term of the loan, the quality of the insurance, and business cooperation with our bank.
Nova KBM  Non-purposeful or purposeful use of funds (depending on the type of short-term loan).
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 The basic instrument for securing a loan is a signed blank bill of exchange with a bill of exchange declaration with the authorization to fulfill and cash the bill of exchange. You can propose the following as supplementary insurance instruments:
  • pledge of immovable or movable property,
  • pledge of securities,
  • pledge of deposits,
  • pledge of claims,
  • pledge of life insurance policies,
  • guarantee of natural and/or legal persons,
  • other forms of insurance in accordance with the agreement.

Types of loans

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 loans for financing working capital,
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 inventory loans,
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 loans for receivables,
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 permitted overdraft on the business account - overdrafts,
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 loans to ensure the coverage required for the opening of letters of loan,
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 loans to foreign buyers (buyers loans), which are intended to accelerate your export of goods and services, bridging loans.


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