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Responsibility towards Public | NKBM

We are aware of our interaction with the environment in which we operate.



Business relationships with customers are founded on mutual respect and confidence, and are in a proper manner strengthened by informal, social relations. As professional advisers, we help our customers acquire additional skills, facilitate contacts, find new opportunities for their business, and encourage them in different ways to exercise social responsibility.


The Bank endeavours to establish long-term cooperation and partner relations with suppliers.
The Bank aims as far as possible to develop collaboration between employees and suppliers and to establish mutual responsibility for timely accomplishment of agreed services. Good partner relationships, involving mutual respect and trust, provide a good basis for better productivity and faster accomplishment of agreed-upon tasks. 


The Bank's reporting is transparent, up-to-date and non-discriminatory, and complies with the highest communication standards.


The Bank proactively communicates with journalists and responds quickly to their requests.