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We are a family friendly company


We are a family friendly company.
Leva slika s senco in besedilom

   Our employees are among 40,000 privileged Slovenian workers with better chances for reconciliation of professional and family life.  
In November 2011 Nova KBM acquired the basic certificate “Family friendly company” and thus joined 100 Slovenian companies aware of the meaning of balanced professional and family life and of improvement in working processes management. By acquiring the basic certificate we engage ourselves that until November 2014 we will implement additional 13 measures which represent obligation for socially responsible behaviour in the future as well as acknowledgement of our work so far and benefits for the employees. Mammography, prostate checks, flu vaccination, payment of fees for additional pension insurance, education on healthy way of life and overcoming stress, new year gifts for the employees’ children which are only some of the benefits which the bank is already offering to its employees.

Nova KBM is a desired, responsible and respected employer that offers each employee opportunities for professional and personal growth. The conduct of management serves as a model of good internal relations. We fully observe provisions of the Code of Conduct and take care of well-regulated internal communication, thus contributing to more effective working processes, better motivation, commitment and satisfaction of our employees.

In addition to their regular work, the Bank employees often meet at sports, social and cultural events. This helps us preserve our mutual interaction and pursuit of a sound mind in a sound body. Active in the Bank are a sports club, a choir and a trade union, while our ex-employees meet at pensioners' clubs on different occasions.

We also take care of safe and healthy working environment and promote awareness regarding the prevention of illness and injuries at work. By paying supplementary voluntary pension insurance, the Bank wants to assure its employees greater financial security in their old age.