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DomovPoti do bankePoslovni Bank@Net - Online banking for business

Poslovni Bank@Net - Online banking for business

All holders of a business account with Nova KBM which wish to do business with the bank online – regardless of the business hours of the bank.
  • Decreasing the costs of order processing.
  • State-of-the-art standards of the authentication and data privacy.
  • Time savings.
  • Option to export all statements in a selected period.
  • Displaying the “Available balance” in the selected account.
  • Displaying the data on the selected account, logins of the user and the display of the rights granted to an individual user.
  • Possibility of mutual communication with the bank by generating and exchanging notifications through Poslovni Bank@Net. The notifications thus generated may be added various attachments.
  • Detailed overview of the changes in the business account.
The following services may be performed through Poslovni Bank@Net
  • Domestic and foreign payment transactions (new functionalities have been added).
  • Sending and receiving SEPA direct debits.
  • Sending SEPA mass payments.
  • Overview of the transactions and the balance in the business account (export of transactions in the ISO2022 standard and in Excel).
  • Receiving and sending e-invoices (creation of payments on the basis of a received e-invoice).
  • Login and logout to receive e-invoices.
  • Requests for opening and changing a documentary letter of credit.
  • Communication with your administrator by using the “Messages” tab.
  • Viewing various notifications depending on the transaction type (credits, deposits, invoice, securities, business cards, Moneta and other notifications).
  • Loading and unloading of the business pre-paid VISA card.
  • Overview of transactions in all business cards and the possibility of viewing statements of transactions by individual card and all business cards.
Advantages of the use of the new Poslovni Banka@Net application
  • Faster application performance.
  • The display of changes is only delayed by maximum 5 minutes.
  • Wider range of criteria for displaying data by individual views within the selected tab.
  • The comments by and weaknesses of customers (account selection) have been taken into consideration.
  • Additional display of the “Available balance” in the selected account.
  • The display of all log-ins by PBN user or in the selected account taking into account all users has been added.
  • The display of the data in the selected account, logged-in user and the rights assigned to an individual user has been added.
  • The possibility to export all statements for the period selected by the user has been added.
  • Additional option to export transactions in Excel with additional data on individual transaction.
  • Display of the left menu by individual type of transactions has been unified.
  • Uniformed icons (buttons) for actions.
  • The display of buttons (actions) has been enabled depending on the status of an individual request (only actions allowed for an individual request are displayed).
  • Uniformed display of folders in the left menu.
  • Uniformed display of the overviews of individual transaction types.
  • Additional criteria to search for a request have been added.
  • No refreshing of data is necessary in view of the selected users.
  • An additional criterion to search for selected data in the individual overview of requests has been added.
  • A possibility to select the display of a defined number of data in the selected window.
  • Additional controls when entering payment orders (disabled sending of payment orders to a bank with the recipient’s non-existing accounts).
  • Additional warning boxes regarding any change by the user.
  • Customizable display of the left menu depending on the assigned rights: “Domestic transactions” or “Foreign transactions”.
  • Deployment of the “Inflows” and “Orders” in the “Foreign transactions” functionality (so far, these two tabs were exclusively seen in the EPP FAT application)
  • Updated communication of a customer with the bank through messages – additional functionality of adding various attachments.
  • Updated option to add new partners (on the basis of the entry of the TRR – transaction account – of the recipient, a legal entity, all the fields of the name, address and place of the recipient are completed; the display of the BIC code of the recipient’s TRR management has been added).
  • An individual payment order (manual entry) displays all the data on the payer, payee, BIC code of the recipient’s bank and a record of the invoice of the recipient in the IBAN structure.
  • Depending on the selected payment instrument, the customer is automatically offered the payment method and mandatory data for an individual payment type (cash, emergency, cost selection, etc.).
  • On the basis of already imported files of payment orders (individual payments), generation of all payment orders in the selected file is supported.
  • Possibility to select the option enabling the cancellation of several domestic payment orders.
  • Import of files with mixed payment orders (foreign and domestic transactions) is supported by both functionalities, namely the Domestic transactions and Foreign transactions. The application itself places payment orders into the “Payment Orders” folder. Domestic payment orders are placed in the appropriate folder to be approved whereas foreign payment orders are placed in the appropriate folder under “Foreign Transactions” functionality.
Poslovni Bank@Net has been designed to be user friendly; the use is simple and intuitive, and while performing different tasks, the user can retrieve instructions and assistance for further work on the display at any moment. The use of Poslovni Bank@Net means time and energy savings.

Other characteristics of the online bank for corporate customers offer huge opportunities: 

•    Due to full automation, the costs of order processing through Poslovni Bank@Net are lower than in the case of submitting orders to the bank. You can further lower the costs by announcing payment orders at least two days prior to the execution. 
•    Data searches using various additional criteria.
•    Possibility to select the display and number of data in the selected window.
•    At any moment, access to various data on the company’s account or accounts is supported.
•    Enabling the execution of payment transactions in euro and in foreign currency and collective signature. 
•    Payments can be generated on the basis of already imported files of payment orders (individual payments in a selected file).
•    The user may submit payment orders to the bank 24 hours a day; and payments are executed in compliance with the payment system rules of operation in the Republic of Slovenia or the bank’s schedule of processing foreign payments.
•    High security of electronic commerce is guaranteed by a one-time password generation card. In addition, the online bank also enables the use of qualified digital certificates of selected certificate authorities (SIGEN-CA, PostarCA and Halcom CA). This simplifies your dealing with banks, in particular when you do business with several banks. 
What do you need to be able to use Poslovni Bank@Net?
•    Personal computer 
o    Correct system time
o    Correct regional settings (Slovenia
o    Correct browser settings.
•    Adequate software
o    The use of Internet explorer (IE) 9 or newer versions (IE 10, IE 11, IE 12) or Mozilla Firefox (FF) 20 and newer versions is mandatory for the functioning of the PBN application. The application also runs in the Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers. The operating systems for the PBN application are: Windows, Linux and Mac.
o    The old versions of browsers can be updated on the websites. For more information on IE 9.0 see here.
o    More information on Mozilla Firefox may be obtained here.
o    The use of a qualified digital certificate requires the installation of the proXSign signature component. It is distributed as a browser plug-in which the user must install on their computer. The SETCEE proXSign XML component is required. The information on how to install the signature component can be obtained here.
•    Access to the Internet
How do I become a user?
1.    The account holder which has concluded a contract with Nova KBM d.d. on opening the transaction account may apply to use Poslovni Bank@Net.
2.    Prior to completing the application form, you shall get acquainted with the General terms and conditions for the use of Poslovni Bank@Net. The General terms and conditions explain the terms contained in the application form.
3.    The company’s statutory representative shall submit a fully completed and signed application form and authorization in the bank branch managing the holder’s transaction account.
4.    The company’s statutory representative may authorise one or more natural persons to execute transactions in the transaction account of the company through Poslovni Bank@Net by written authorization on the basis of which services on behalf of and for the account of the company may be performed. When assigning authorisations the user's statutory representative shall act in accordance with the instructions issued by the bank.
5.    In the registration form or authorization, the company’s statutory representative shall define whether the authorised person will be authorised to enter payment orders and packages only or also to sign them depending on the type defined in point 2 of the introductory provisions in the General Terms and Conditions.
6.    The company’s statutory representative may authorise one or more natural persons to execute transactions in the transaction account of the company through Poslovni Bank@Net by written authorization on the basis of which services on behalf of and for the account of the company may be performed. When granting authorisation, the statutory representative shall comply with the instructions provided by the bank.
7.    The bank shall grant access to Poslovni Bank@Net in accordance with the Rules on the use of Poslovni Bank@Net of Nova KBM.
8.    The bank shall inform the statutory representative of the company and the users of Poslovni Bank@Net of its decision in writing within seven days from the submission of the complete documentation.
9.    In the bank’s branch, the user, in order to be able to use Poslovni Bank@Net, receives the following:
o    Envelope with a user name and the PIN
o    Envelope with the SecurID identification card
10.    After receiving the SecurID identification card and a PIN, the authorised person may start using Poslovni Bank@Net.
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