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If you favor installment arrangements at affordable prices, just choose the number of installments (up to 12) via a text message.


Split your purchases into installments. You just need our Visa charge card and Securty SMS.

Nova KBM

For purchases from EUR 50 up to EUR 5,000.


Nova KBM

Get up to 12 installments *. 
* Individual installment fees are charged in accordance with the valid price list.

Nova KBM

What you need:

Security SMS and our
 VISA charge card.



Use your card to make a purchase.

After you’ve made a purchase, your will receive security SMS (text message), and you have to reply within 1 hour. The reply needs to include the preferred number of installments.

Example: Nova KBM | number of installments | code received in security SMS (text message): NovaKBM 2 35


The procedure is completed when you receive the reply (text message) confirming the purchase.

Example: Your order NovaKBM 2 35 has been processed. Nova KBM

If you decide not toreply,  you will settle the purchase in a single amount just as any regular deferred payment purchase.


You can also visit us at the nearest branch or post office.*. (* Contracted post units are exempt.)

Nova KBM
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