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Day-night treasury| NKBM

For all business account holders who deposit cash into their bank account outside of our branch opening hours.

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A way to safely deposit cash into your business account, even outside branches' working hours.


Nova KBM

24 hours a day use, regardless of the working hours of our branches.


Nova KBM

Precise mechanical and electronic control.

High quality.

Nova KBM

A cash deposit submitted without notice before 6:00 a.m. is credited within 2 working days.
Nova KBM

Use of day-night treasury

  Depositing euro cash banknotes. Coin deposits are not allowed in DNS.
  Depositing foreign cash.

To use you need:
  DNS card,
  cash deposit bags,
  completed cash deposit form.

  Online cash deposit form
Nova KBM

How to become a user?

  You conclude a contract for the use of the day-night safe (DNS) with the administrator of your business account.
  Upon conclusion of the contract, you receive a card/key to the safe and special bags or cassettes for depositing cash and can start using the service.
  Alternatively, you can send us your inquiry and we will happily help you with your final decision.
East Slovenia region
  Branch Centrala Maribor 
Vita Kraigherja 4, Maribor
  Branch Europark
Pobreška c. 18, Maribor
  Branch Lenart 
Ob Partizanski cesti 1, Lenart v Slovenskih goricah
  Branch Novi trg 
Novi trg 1, Ptuj
  Branch Rogoznica
Špindlerjeva 3, Ptuj
  Branch Ormož
Ptujska c. 2, Ormož
  Branch Titova
Ljubljanska 11, Slovenska Bistrica
  Branch Murska Sobota,
Kocljeva ulica 11, Murska Sobota
Celje region
  Branch Ravne
Prežihova 5, Ravne na Koroškem
  Branch Radeče
Ulica OF 4a, Radeče
  Branch Rogaška Slatina,
Kidričeva 5, Rogaška Slatina
  Branch Slovenske Konjice
Oplotniška 1a, Slovenske Konjice
  Branch Aškerčeva
Askerčeva ulica 10, Celje
  Branch Slovenj Gradec
Ronkova ulica 4a, Slovenj Gradec
  Branch Šentjur
Mestni trg 8, Šentjur
  Branch Šmarje,
Aškerčev trg 13, Šmarje pri Jelšah
  Branch Velenje
Kersnikova 1, Velenje
  Branch Žalec
Savinjska c. 20, Žalec
Central Slovenia region
  Branch Bežigrad
Dunajska 48, Ljubljana
  Branch Njegoševa,
Njegoševa 8, Ljubljana 
  Branch Smelt,
Dunajska 160, Ljubljana
  Branch Slovenska,
Slovenska 50, Ljubljana 
  Branch Šiška,
Celovška 106, Ljubljana  
  Branch Ljubljana Center,
Stritarjeva ulica 2, Ljubljana 
  Branch Šmartinska,
Šmartinska 102-104, Ljubljana 
  Branch Trnovo,
Ziherlova ulica 4, Ljubljana
  Branch Vič,
Tržaška 87, Ljubljana
  Branch Tržič,
Cankarjeva 1a, Tržič
  Branch Jesenice,
Cesta maršala Tita 39a, Jesenice
  Branch Kranj,
Nazorjeva ul. 1, Kranj 
  Branch Logatec,
Tržaška 50a, Logatec 
  Branch Novo mesto,
Rozmanova ul. 16, Novo mesto 
  Branch Brežice,
Cesta prvih borcev 29, Brežice 
Western Slovenia region
  Central branch
Kidričeva 11, Nova Gorica
  Branch Idrija
Lapajnetova 41, Idrija
  Branch Tolmin
Trg maršala Tita 14, Tolmin
  Branch Kobarid 
Trg svobode 2, Kobarid
  Branch Ajdovščina
Goriška cesta 25c, Ajdovščina
  Branch Izola
Sonno nabrežje 6, Izola
  Branch Koper
Ferrarska ulica 12, Koper
  Branch Sežana
Partizanska 41, Sežana
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