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With the Specialisti and Specialisti+ insurances, access to a specialist, diagnosis and treatment is faster and easier.

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When our health suffers, each of us wants immediate access to the most appropriate treatment.

By taking out the collective policy Specialisti+, the company ensures that employees are guaranteed comprehensive medical treatment in case of injury and illness.

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Quickly and in time to a diagnostics and treatment specialist.



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Comprehensive medical treatment of employees in case of injury and illness.


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On your way to health, the medical staff of the Zdravstvena točka assistance center is at your disposal on 080 26 64.


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Positive effects for the company:

  • faster return of the employee to the workplace,
  • greater employee satisfaction,  
  • safety of employees in case of health problems,
  • less sick leave,
  • fewer interruptions in the work process due to health problems.


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The insurance offers coverage for:

  • specialist examinations,
  • fast and timely access to a specialist and demanding diagnostics (MR, CT, X-ray...),
  • faster intervention in one-day treatment and outpatient rehabilitation,
  • simple tests (X-ray, laboratory tests, ultrasound, EKG...),
  • simple outpatient procedures (puncture, foreign body removal, wound care),
  • white prescription drugs at no extra charge,
  • voluntary choice of healthcare provider.

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get to a specialist?
When the insured receives a referral from a personal physician, he calls the health center of the insurance company (toll-free number 080 2664) and makes an appointment with the provider. He chooses the contractor himself or in cooperation with the insurance company. In the last year, we ensured an appointment with a specialist within an average of 7 days.
Which specialist to choose?
When choosing a specialist and an appointment, the insurance company adapts to your needs and wishes (close to work or home, in the afternoon, etc.). You have at your disposal a wide network of contractors throughout Slovenia (more than 430 specialists), so we can provide you with an examination near your place of residence or work. The insurance does not cover travel expenses.
Are pre-existing medical conditions included in the insurance?
The insurance covers new illnesses or injuries. Pre-existing medical conditions (disease, condition or injury, including health problems, signs or symptoms of illness that occurred before the insurance was taken out) are not included in the insurance. Exceptions are conditions that were reported when the insurance was taken out and that the insurance company accepted or offered an additional payment for the existing health condition. The insurance company has the option to exclude certain previous medical conditions from the insurance.

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* Insurance is not a banking service. Nova KBM acts as a marketing representative, while the insurer is Triglav health insurance company.
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