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Change in the Nova KBM’s Management Board of 1 January 2022 | NKBM

Change in the Nova KBM’s Management Board of 1 January 2022

Change in the Nova KBM’s Management Board as of 1 January 2022

15 September 2021
Nova KBM announces that Jon Locke, Management Board member, will be leaving the bank as of 31 December 2021 when his term of office expires. Jon Locke joined the bank on 15 October 2016 in the role of an authorised representative (procurator) of Nova KBM. His mandate began on 1 January 2017, and he has held the role of Deputy CEO and Chief Risk Officer since that date. At the same time, Nova KBM announces that Miha Kristl has been nominated a member of the Bank’s Management Board as of 1 January 2022. His appointment is subject to completion of relevant regulatory approvals.
Miha Kristl, currently Director of Credit Management at Nova KBM, is a highly accomplished bank executive, strategist and risk manager with over 20-year work experience in banking. Prior to his employment at Nova KBM he was Executive Director at the Bank of Slovenia in charge of banking supervision. As a corporate strategy advisor he was involved in developing and designing new (post state-aid) KBC Group (Belgium) Strategy. He also held a position of Head of Integrated Risk & Capital at KBC Group and was in charge of risk departments at K&H Bank (Hungary) and Raiffeisen Bank (Slovenia). He holds the FRM degree from GARP and received his Master of Science degree from the University of Ljubljana, School of Economics.
Andrej Fatur, President of the Supervisory Board of Nova KBM: “I would sincerely like to thank Jon for his support and commitment in transforming the bank in the past five years. We appreciate Jon's contribution to successful restructuring of Nova KBM, including overhaul of its risk management system, lending processes and the management of distressed loans leading to significantly improving asset quality, as well as ensuring effective risk management and compliance at both the bank and Nova KBM Group level. At the same time we are delighted to appoint Miha Kristl Chief Risk Officer of the bank. Miha brings to the Management Board a wealth of banking experience and expertise combined with his knowledge of Nova KBM. The Supervisory Board is looking forward to working with him even more closely.”
Both Nova KBM and the Nova KBM Group have had a successful first half of 2021. Despite this being the second year of the Covid-19 epidemic, the bank has been consistently overachieving plans. In Nova KBM we are proud that throughout this time our bank has provided unhindered services to our clients. Moreover, we successfully completed the biggest merger in the history of banking in Slovenia, repositioned and rebranded the bank and accelerated the development of our digital platforms so that our clients can now carry out most of the services without having to visit our branches.
Nova KBM’s transformation journey towards building the best bank in Slovenia continues. Currently, the ongoing sale process of Nova KBM has no impact on our clients and the bank conducts business as usually. The closing of the transaction is subject to obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals and the transaction closing is expected in 2Q 2022. The bank’s stakeholders will be duly informed of any new developments in this regard.
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