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Bank@Net Help Services

Simple, easy to use and convenient online banking.
Enter, pay, check accounts, transactions, balances or order our products (services).
See how easy it is.

  Improved experience

  Innovative and simple design.
  Simplified payments.

  Easy access to statements and notification.



The status of all the requests and where are they sorted is also indicated by the color as shown here:
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All created payments and an overview of all payments you made and all requests you created are available:

In the basket -> icon in the left upper corner
On the homepage -> displayed Request

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Daily limit

 Select one of the available accounts and click the icon “Account details"

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To change your account description, postpone payments and set a daily limit for Bank@Net by clicking on the pencil icon:

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Enter changes and click SAVE.

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After you have entered the desired changes, you need to confirm them with an SMS OTP. Your Request will now appear under the “Waiting” tab. now visible in the tab »Waiting« .

Your daily limit has been successfully changed after the request appears under the tab ”Requests” ->”Completed”.


Did you know?

How do I make a payment?

To make a new payment: Click on “Payments” in the left menu bar.
There are 4 different type of payments available:

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You can choose from:

  1. Domestic payment (UPN) for paying bills or other transfers with a reference in Slovenia
  2. Simple transfer - for money transfers to your friends or other natural persons without reference
  3. Account transfer - a simple money transfer between authorized accounts in Bank@Net to transfer balances to savings accounts and prepaid cards
  4. Cross-border payment – for all payments directed outside of Slovenia and payments within Slovenia in foreign currency.

Created payments/requests that are waiting under the ”For confirmation” tab can be modified according to your needs:

  • duplicated
  • deleted
  • edited
  • confirmed
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Domestic payment (UPN)

Fields are pre-filled. Where necessary, you can change:

  • purpose code (selected from available options)
  • reference number
  • payment purpose

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How can I make a cross-border payment?

Please enter all required information including Bank Information. Aslo previous and completed payments can be duplicated and re-used.

IMPORTANT: Information about bank is completed automatically based on the payee’s account number you have entered. If the payee’s account number is not in IBAN format, you will need to enter information about the bank manually –BIC only, as other data are completed automatically if the BIC is correct.

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Where can I find and change my payments templates?

Templates are in the “Payments” tab:

  • Set your payment templates
  • Exchange currency
  • Upload batch payments (SEPA*)

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Why was the payment order rejected?

You can obtain details on why a payment order was rejected by clicking on the rejected request. A description of the cause is shown in the details at the end:

The cause of the rejection is provided in the “Description”:

  • daily limit exceeded
  • account balance on the account
  • account blocked
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Important - if you have set a payment delay:
  • In this case, the payment order is assigned the status “Waiting” and is found under the tab “Waiting”. 
  • If the account balance is too low or the daily Bank@Net limit has been reached the payment order will be executed as soon as there is sufficient available balance on the account.
  • The payment order will be executed within the time (days) set in the “Payment Delay” feature.
  • The order execution date will then be automatically updated to the actual payment date.
How can I order an overdraft on my account?
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Where can I print my account statement?
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Where can I get card statement?
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Where can I set card limit?
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Shop safely online! Don't trust anyone with your PIN.

Where can I access information about transactions on my cards?

Select “Cards” in the menu or on the hom page and click the pictogram (see picture) next to the name of the card. 

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Select the action you wish to do; this way you can maintain full control over your card usage or limits.
Shop safely online!
Don't trust anyone with your PIN.

Where can I add a number for secure online purchases?
  • Select the card under "Cards" that you wish to link.
  • Tick check box and confirm your cell phone number with SMS OTP.

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  • Activate SMS Security -> you'll be informed on all transactions done with selected payment card.
  • WEB Security payments -> activate this service and make safe payments on-line.

Check and confirm mobile number by ticking check box and button "Confirm".

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How can I change or manage passwords and contact information?
There is a person icon in the right corner. 
> Select “Account settings”.
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Please click and you can display your current Mobile phone number and email addresses. Please go to branch to change your mobile phone number. 

You can also change your Password for (m)Bank@net login just click "START".

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You can also check log in help we prepared for you!




  Emergency Numbers

You can call us every business day between 8:00 and 19:00, either toll free at 080 17 70 or +386 2 229 27 60, or email us at

If you suspect that your online banking profile has been compromised, if you have lost or replaced your phone or have had your phone stolen, please call our Contact Centre at 080 17 70 or  +386 2 229 2760. Our assistants are available to you 24/7. 



  Bank will never ask for your Password, Personal data, Card number, PIN or other details over e-mail or phone.

  recommend you update your security patches, fire walls, Anti virus programs.

Bank's webpages:

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Banka, ki je vedno pri roki! Za potrjevanje zahtev prejmete SMS žeton kar na vaš telefon.

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